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Tom Braatz, tombraatz


It's not so much the way the World comes at us, but more importantly the way we approach the World. I am a man that is driven with passion, and that has dreams. I also have had a chance to experience many things in life. I have learned from illnesses and experience. We all do. The fact remains is we do have a chance to accomplish greatness, even if it means just being ourselves. All of life is nothing more than attitude! Focus with clear perception and let yourself grow. My hat is off to you for what ever you set your mind to, and as long as it is good, and with purpose. I would love to help you in any way I could. I have so much respect for people, and believe in them. Never let some one else tell you that you cannot do something, or you cannot accomplish goals.Never be submissive to the same people that will take you down. Keep your head up and never lower your standards because someone told you to. Life is short. Be Happy, and enjoy life.

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