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Neil Brown, neilbrown

New York, New York

  • Co-Founder/Managing Partner at Sweat Ventures
  • Baker+Brown Co.

It’s winter, just before my fourth birthday. I clamber onto a metal folding chair with a scrap piece of wood in hand. Before my skinny fingers is the tearing blade of an old, rusty bandsaw. In my father’s workshop, I was given full autonomy over the scrap box. Filled with spoils, that cardboard box contained an endless trove of opportunity, just waiting for the next idea. It was here that I discovered and began to develop my philosophy on entrepreneurship, strategy, and design. I had resources, tools, and the desire to create. Together, these three things can be transformed into something greater than the sum of their parts. Employing this simple formula, I have helped to catalyze countless endeavors. My professional experience ranges from large corporations to entrepreneurial ventures and involvement in diverse categories – consumer products, technology, life sciences, innovation, architecture, community development, film, art, music, and more. With a unique skill set that blends a passion for entrepreneurship, emerging markets, and creative strategy with an obsessive demand for flawless execution, I always keep an eye on the big picture. Whether high-level brand strategy, expanding revenue opportunities, diminishing operational hurdles, or the conceptual development of digital experiences. I work directly with key stakeholders, clients and partners to crystalize and accelerate their vision. At Barnum, I leverage my passion, experience, and perseverance to help entrepreneurs transform ideas into enterprise.

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