wendy meadley
Female, 55 years old

My Social Media Marketing PR Agency is the Social Wendy Group- I am @SocialWendy. A seasoned social media marketing practioner who started in in social networking and in in Web development, interactive marketing and traditional marketing. I'm an experienced business development expert with a unique blend of background and experiences augmented by an Executive MBA and Project Management Certification. I work with successful entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and Fortune businesses to translate today's version of social marketing into real strategies that align with their business goals, ROI needs, and civic objectives. You can readily see my agency's innovative campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Slideshare and via Social Traditional Search engines. With years in marketing management I blend my unique expertise in media, marketing, and retail with my extensive professional network to provide my clients with customized social media and web-centric business development marketing solutions. My agency, the Social Wendy Group is known for its unique "LIVE@" Social Event Strategy, Social Media Boot Camps, Executive Social Media Toolkit, Keynote Training Curriculum "Social Frontier". My approach of teaming as a leader, partner or collaborative team member has uniquely positioned my agency to maximize client opportunities in leading organizations globally. I consider my commitment to "playing it forward" networking a critical career and personal success factor. My networking efforts have staged my involvement in the professional sports and celebrity arenas and my work with Fortune , civic and several cause organizations. I am passionately and actively involved online in all facets of social and content marketing, networking, and web development. A continual learner, I regularly update my industry leading perspective through not only being a practitioner but a contributor of new media marketing models. Specialties Social Media Innovator Anthropologist, Technology Translator, Social PR Marketing Entrepreneur, Keynote Presenter, Content Marketer, Prolific Networker, Cause Event Marketing, Branding Collateral Development, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, SEM, Search Optimization, Business Project Development