vicki behm
Female, 64 years old

I am known as an innovative Human Resources leader, business strategist and partner who builds a positive corporate culture that inspires employees to excel. During my tenure at Target, I was recognized for authentic and strategic leadership and aligning HR initiatives with business goals to enable the organization to perform at a higher level and achieve results. I am passionate about communicating the company's vision and bringing it to life through its people. I believe the heart of every organization is its people. To build a successful business one must build a successful team. StrengthsFinder Strengths: Activator, Strategic, Maximizer, Relator and Achiever Specialties HR Leadership, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Business Strategy & HR Alignment, Innovative Problem Solver, Succession Planning, Compensation & Benefit Development, Leadership Coaching , Budgeting & Expense Control, HRIS Development, HRIS Integration, Employee Relations, Call Center Operations, Service Center Operations, Retail, Construction, Insurance