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Hey Guys, It's Milez again. I got blocked again but I came back for you guys (my biggest fans on earth and for my friends). I try to come online if I have time because I'm just on set to the last Episode of Hannah Montana and I have to perform my new single "Can't Be Tamed" so much. So please understand. :) I hope yall message me lots, make GB Entries and believe me. So thanks beforehand for believe and messages. ______________________________________________ About my new album "Can't Be Tamed": Can't Be Tamed is the third studio album by American recording artist Miley Cyrus. It was first released on June 18, 2010 by Hollywood Records. Writing and recording commenced while I traveled on the 2009 Wonder World Tour. Nineteen live performances and backstage interviews from several concerts are featured on the second disc of the deluxe edition of "Can't Be Tamed". The albums's producers include longtime collaborators Antonina Armato, Tim James, and John Shanks. Musically, "Can't Be Tamed" ranges from acoustic ballads to dance-pop numbers. The tracks share a theme of breaking free of constraints and expectations. The album's lead single and title track, "Can't Be Tamed", was released on May 18, 2010. It debuted at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and number five on the New Zealand Singles Chart. The album was promoted primarily through concerts and television appearances. I intends to take a musical hiatus after completing "Can't Be Tamed" in order to explore a variety of musical genres and develop a sound befitting my tastes. I stated that my music isn't inspiring me the way it should be, and hope "Can't Be Tamed" will be my last pop album. "The more I make music that doesn't truly inspire me, the more I feel like I'm blending in with everyone else", I said. I originally desired for a new, more rock inclined sound for my music. I later revealed "Can't Be Tamed" contained music influenced by pop singer Lady Gaga and possessed tecnho qualities. "It was a natural progression for her," said Abbey Konowitch, general manager of Hollywood Records. He commented that the album was more dance-pop than originally intended. "But it feels very comfortable for her, and it feels very comfortable in terms of the state of contemporary music". I believed the summer 2010 release was appropriate because it was "definitely a good summer CD. It's good to blast in your car". The album was first released on June 18, 2010 in Germany and then on June 21, 2010 in the United States. Unlike I and Hollywood Records' previous albums, "Can't Be Tamed" will be released using a day-and-date format, following a new licensing deal with Universal Music Group in Europe. Konowitch presented the album at its earliest stage to representatives of Universal Music Group in Europe in order to speak of the new licensing deal that enabled day-and-day for its release; the approval allowed for them to commence global marking plan earlier than usual. "Normally our records are staggered throughout the world because of the availability of the artist. It's unusual for us to have the time and the music far enough in advance to do that," he said. A standard edition, containing only an audio CD, and a deluxe edition, containing an audio CD and a DVD, will be released. The DVD will contain previously unreleased footage from my concert at The O2 Arena in London, England, which was part of my first world tour, the 2009 Wonder World Tour. It contains nineteen live performances and backstage interviews with me. The album artwork was revealed on May 7, 2010 through my official website. "This record was good for me. I think every album has been almost like a little bit of therapy to just get out what you think and what you feel. I think this is the most honest a record of mine has been. I think this record shows a different maturity in me, a different light but it's also still being the people my fans can relate to. I'm a spiritual person but my main religion that people ask me is the core of what I do and what my songs are about is love. And that's, I think, what this world is lacking and what it's all about." — I'm explaining the concept behind and themes on "Can't Be Tamed". I told Billboard magazine that I don't have a formal songwriting process and instead take notes on my cellphone and the journal she stores in my computer. I said that I don't listen to pop music, and that my "13-year-old self would have beaten up [her] 17-year-old self" for being "a sellout". Nonetheless, I stated that the music on the album is meaningful to me. "Liberty Walk", co-written by me, Antonina Armato, Tim James, John Fasse, Michael Mcginnis, and Nick Scapa, is about someone who finds the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I, Armato, James, Paul Neumann, and Marek Pompetzki composed "Can't Be Tamed", the album's title track, which was written about being trapped and people observing me. The song, according to me, bears a theme of "breaking out and feeling free." I recorded a cover version of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", from their 1988 album Open Up and Say... Ahh!, after hearing a crowd of people singing along to it. I deemed it "a classic" and one of my favorite songs. "I feel like the way the music industry is today really shelters kids and they aren't exposed to songs as honest and real as this one." Cyrus consulted the lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels, who helped me analyze "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and then add my "own flare and edge". Bret said the band receives numerous requests to cover the song and is always nervous about granting permission. "And I gotta tell you something. She nailed the song," he told MTV. He added that I was "one of the few musicians" that could "give ["Every Rose Has Its Thorn"] my own flare and make it sound good". Bret sings backup on the cover. I conceived "Robot" in December 2009 in London, while traveling on the Wonder World Tour; it describes a desire to escape "the form and the machine everyone thinks you should be". I wrote the song "My Heart Beats for Love" for my gay hairdresser, one of her best friends. It is an attempt to persuade audiences to not discriminate against homosexuals and "be open to the world". Can't Be Tamed was recorded as I traveled the world, largely due to the Wonder World Tour. In December 2009, I begun the recording process in London, England. Album producer John Shanks, who previously produced me hit single "The Climb", affiliated with me for the album and, in order to do so, navigated via airplane to different locations. Shanks would repeatedly travel to London in order to fulfill recording and writing sessions with me. Then, he would return to Los Angeles, California to continue further work on the tracks. The head of A&R at Hollywood Records, Jon Lind, said, "John spent quite a bit of time, God bless him [...] He was really a soldier and a world traveler for going to do this creative thing in between Miley's schedule." Other producers I had previously worked with also appear on the album — Antonina Armato and Tim James, both of who produced me hits "See You Again" and "7 Things". I described the environment during the recording process with Armato to be warm: "I call Antonina 'Mommy' because she's my second mom. No one could ever understand the relationship we have. I've been working with her for four years and every day I go into the studio and we just sit around and eat cupcakes and talk and I tell her everything about my life. I think that's why we make good music together." The finished product results in a variety of dance beats and synths, but I believed the sound was secondary to the personal lyrics therein. Musically, "Can't Be Tamed" varies and includes several dance numbers, many of which heavily rely on bass. "Who Owns My Heart" contains many keyboard riffs, which Ann Donahue of Billboard believed to be reminiscent of 1980s music. "Can't Be Tamed" uses a drum machine in its instrumentation as I sing the chorus. Donahue added that "Two More Lonely People"'s sound was in the same nature. "Permanent December" also explores through dance genres. Critical reception [hide] Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic The Arizona Republic Entertainment Weekly (B-) Globe and Mail The Guardian New Zealand Herald Rolling Stone Sydney Morning Herald USA Today Reviews for the album have been generally mixed. Glenn Gamboa of Newsday said the album's primary fault is how confused it sounds; he says I am so "hard to resist" on some tracks but lacked focus on others, such as while "wandering through" "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and rapping on "Liberty Walk", and that such songs made her "hard to take seriously". Ed Masely of The Arizona Republic agreed: "The trouble is [...] Miley's not a girl, not yet a woman, and she seems a little stumped as to the best way one might bump and grind her way through the transition years in public." Masely was also disappointed that I had turned away from the "the spunky bubblegum I did so well" and considered the album's best songs its "frothy electro-pop". Ron Harris of the Associated Press said I sounded "17 going on 15" as I continued songs "vague love songs slathered in studio software instrumentals". He questioned I am a large team of co-writers: "How do you claim artistic independence while maintaining a co-writing team that outnumbers the musicians?" In a kinder review, Rolling Stone said I and my album were undeniably Disney products, but were better for it: "Tamed was mostly cooked up by the pros who helped make Cyrus a Disney princess. It's a Top 40 record of a high order." Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a "B-" but wrote, "Despite her best rebellious efforts, Miley's just not (yet) that thorny a girl." Many reviewers criticized the album's heavy use of technology on the album. Alexis Petridis of The Guardian said the album was "bog-standard pop-dance: rave synths, vocals chromed with Auto-Tune [...] in seeking to establish a more individual identity, I have become more generic." Brad Wheeler of the Globe and Mail claimed, "There’s not a sliver of individuality on this uninspired album". He said her auto-tuned voice was "nothing special" and the album's lyrics were cliche-ridden. Heather Phares of Allmusic commented, "Though pop was Cyrus' bread and butter during her Hannah years, the album’s synth-dominated tunes don’t jell with her voice; she sounds more natural and more grown-up on the songs that straddle rock and country." Phares also noted that "too often, Cyrus equates grown-up with joyless". The Washington Post gave the album a negative review saying, "Tamed doesn't take advantage of her vinegary personality, dividing itself between disposable, tinny dance pop tracks and generically sweeping, echo-y ballads." USA Today also gave a negative review, calling the album "lame" and "generic". "Can't Be Tamed" was released as the album's lead single on May 18, 2010, through digital distribution. Despite poor reviews for the album, the single received positive critical reception with Ed Masely of The Arizona Republic writing, "The leadoff single, "Can't Be Tamed," [...] promised so much more than she's delivered here." It debuted at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100,[28] number six on the Canadian Hot 100, and number five on the New Zealand Singles Chart. The song's accompanying music video, which premiered on E! on May 4, was directed by Robert Hales and follows me and numerous backup dancers dressed in bird-like clothing as they escape a cage and trash a museum. To promote Can't Be Tamed, Hollywood Records focused on television appearances rather than radio, as a result of the time constraints that surrounded me at the time. The strategy was to "benefit from loud individual events versus the traditional touring and press runs." My first performed "Can't Be Tamed" live on May 18, 2010 on Dancing With the Stars. I performed the title track, "Robot", and "My Heart Beats for Love" at the Rock in Rio concerts in Lisbon, Portugal on May 29, 2010 and Madrid, Spain on June 6, 2010. I have performed songs from Can't Be Tamed on Britain's Got Talent and Rock in Rio in Madrid, Spain. On June 18, I appeared on Good Morning America and performed the title track, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Bret Michaels, and "Party In the U.S.A.". I hosted the MuchMusicAwards 2010 in Toronto, Canada on June 20th. I also performed my latest single, “Can't Be Tamed”, along with one of my previous singles, Party in the U.S.A. I performed a mini-concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on June 21. The set list consisted of the title track, "Who Owns My Heart", "Liberty Walk", "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", "Robot", and "My Heart Beats For Love".

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