travis greenlee
Male, 41 years old

Travis is a Master Internet Marketing and Business Development Consultant. He specializes in teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs, and service professionals to leverage the power of technology to automate, simplify, and rapidly increase their profits. Travis began his career with Merrill Lynch as a financial consultant and business advisor. He has been a professional speaker and trainer since 1991, and a business coach and consultant since 1994. As the President and/or CEO of several companies: Team Concepts Coaching Inc., Travis Greenlee Consulting, The Rainmaker Institute, Master Business Building Club, LLC., and The Law Firm Media Group, LLC., Travis shares his extraordinary blend of passion, purpose, and excitement for life and business. In addition to being a professional speaker, Travis is a world renowned author. He is a co-author of Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines with Mitch Meyerson and Jay Conrad Levinson, and Don't Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life with Purpose in the Real World.