tommy seilheimer
Female, 43 years old

Tommy Seilheimer is helping battle the raging epidemic of childhood obesity and inactivity through the use of Exergaming products and medically driven programming. Being a die-hard videogame player since he was 7 and an ex-touring musician for over 7 years, Tommy makes sure fitness stays fun, engaging and rewarding for kids while adapting interactive fitness products for facilities around the world that make a positive change in the lives of kids today. Exergame Consulting is a Lombard, Illinois-based consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of exergaming rooms for facilities around the world. We work with corporations, non-profits and companies who are looking to get educated on the exergaming market and looking to deliver sustainable solutions for battling obesity and inactivity through the use of active gaming products and programming. We are not a sales company, but refer you to our vast network of industry experts who dedicate their time and give true life examples of their experience in the Exergaming industry and the positive impact it has made in their profession. All of our experts are people who free willing give their time to our company to help people just like you! It’s a non-biased panel of people whose passion is all about Exergaming. Our goal is to work with your ideas and educate you as you continue to develop your new vision for keeping kids active and engaged in products and environments that make that change fun and rewarding. Our purpose it to create a healthier lifestyle for the participants and want to get you started off in the right direction with our knowledge. “We are dedicated to helping facilities around the world get educated and a jump start on Exergaming” I have worked with facilities around the world and I am a leading expert in Exergaming product knowledge. Exergaming is a strong passion of mine because I have seen it change peoples lives at the places we have implemented it. Its all about planning, products, programming & implementation when making Exergaming a success at any facility! Exergaming is the newest form of physical exercise and brain fitness that is changing how kids of today are staying active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Exergaming (a portmanteau of “exercise” and “gaming”) is a term used for videogames that also provide exercise. Exergames have one element of exercise and one element of gaming. The “gaming” aspect is a short form for video gaming. “Exergames” sub divide into two main implementations, those with a game specifically designed to use an exercise input device and those implementations using a genre of, or a generic game. Areas we can assist with: Concept to completion Exergame Product Education Grant and Funding Assistance ROI & Facility Budget Planning Room Design and Creation Concepts Ongoing Sustainable Programming Methods Online Brand Awareness / Marketing