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I've seen a seen a few things in my day. More than most I'm sure. However, with all of the struggles/ heartaches I have bore witness to or had perpetrated against me this world hasn't been able to break me nor make me bitter. I’ve chosen to allow it to bring enlightenment into my life. I'm living outside of the box while stepping fully into my truth, owning it proudly as my own and seeking to fulfill my dreams while being mused by my calling. I have been through enough to know never to judge anyone. You don't know their full journey and/or how they came to be. Not everything nor every human being is made up of only the colors, black and white. In everyone and in every situation there are many shades of grey. In most human beings there lives a wide spectrum of colors that would be valid in using to define who they are. Most importantly, I have learned that I have no right to judge anyone nor bring any negativity into their personal space based off of my own opinion. I am excited and looking forward to traveling the world to try a sip of everywhere. Now that my son is in Nebraska attending college I'm free to do as I please, where I please and when I please. For now, I please to try my hand at being a college student myself in search of a law degree. Eventually, as I progress in my journey I'll choose which city/country pleases my pallet most. Until then, I rather fancy the idea of being a vagabond/gypsy. I'm just trying to find my way through the challenges of everyday life while listening to my instincts, and finding the courage to live in the light that God has handpicked for me. I hope my journey delivers peace with in the mind as I continue to witness miracles. I used to often ponder if life was just a sick little perverse game that we played with one other? I rather emphatically now think it to be a beautifully elegant and choreographed dance that if taken in and absorbed the right way becomes magical while gliding across the dance floor of life. For now I make my living by being a web designer/graphic artist, branding/marketing consultant, a freelance writer and your favorite bartender/server at where ever I find myself working. Most importantly I AM an artist. With having a child that is an adult I'm now able to dive deeply into who Tiffany wants to be. I no longer feel like I just have to be Drew's Mom, which is a first for me since I was 18 years old. I have a new freedom to explore the artist who is me. I plan on allowing myself to become ever more confident in expressing myself out loud while actually sharing my art with others. This is a terrifying Must Do for me! I want to grow with in myself and the mediums in which I choose to create in. I am looking rather forward to this experience. Over the course of 10 years I've diligently filled many journals/hard drives with unread words only now realizing I've been writing my story all along as well as a dozen great coffee table books, children stories ect. Since realizing this I've been consciously working on writing a book for the last year 1/2. I refer to it as an absolute must self purging. Although, the book will be published for all to read by my own choice to expose my journey up until the now, I'm doing so only because I believe it can prevent someone else's pain. I'd be literary vomiting it out none the less even if no one ever read a word of it. I hopefully will be able to spend my remaining days making a long lasting living wage from doing what I love while ever adding to the definition of myself; an artist, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a lover, an activist, an advocate, a rebel, a dream chaser, an infinite amount of possibilities and simply put a; life explorer. But, above all else I am a women who knows God is driving my bus! I'd go to the grave rather than to rebuke that truth;) In truth, I'm opinionated and blunt, yet incredibly shy. Most of all, I'm painfully aware or at least have mind fucked myself into believing I'm a Facilitator Of Awkwardness. I'm forever and to a fault accepting of others. I don't really have a balance. I'm either chill or I blow while having no in between. I'm working on that :) Thank Goodness, I am always usually more times than not on the chill vibe. I'm high maintenance, but I'm totally not (figure that out:) I like to think that I have a sense of humor, all be it on the darker side of comedy is where I find the most chuckles. When it comes down to it, I'm made up of many complex ingredients,just as any other being. I’m a work in progress and a masterpiece still being worked upon just like all living beings. I'm a passionate self-exploring nerd to sum it up, whom is looking for freedom to just BE. But, I'm undercover so...shhh...Because Now a Days everyone is just to cool for school. However, I accept all the flaws that go along with being a human being.I feel that it's in those same flaws that you'll find your beautiful authentic self! God is ♥

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