terrance sookdeo

Operation, Motivation, and Communication Expert with over a dozen years of frontline field engineering experience. Using FleCellence in Leadership and Management. FlexCellence is the concept of achieving operational excellence and flawless execution by applying the principles of flexibility and creativity to provide exceptional products and services to customers. FlexCellence is the strategy that drives a company’s commitment to use all of its resources to move from excellent to that category of one – Best-in-Class. People ask, “What do you really do?” “I am a Simplifier and Perspectivist. I simplify the complex so others can understand it and take action on the activities that generate better results. As a Perspectivist, I change people’s perspectives so they are inspired to make alternative choices that can transform their lives and business; producing the results they really want.” Specialties My bold promise is that I bring enthusiasm, dedication and leadership to an organization. I can motivate and excite people into action, focus them on developing themselves and their fellow employees, emphasize the power of their Safety Culture, Sales Culture, Peak Performance and Operational Excellence as well as help them to take their communication to a preeminent level. * Leadership Motivation and Communication * Project Management and Teamwork * Innovation and Creativity * Presentation Coach