teresa farland

A lot of what I do stems from the belief that knowledge is power (I learned this the hard way from a poor mark on a modern poetry paper). That, and the fact that I'm insatiably curious. I read, I study, and explore the business behind artful design. I love to work with designers--I appreciate their creative ability to tame unmanageable space and their willingness to let me help in the process. I teach classes to decorative painters emphasizing the increasing importance of eco-friendliness in our work. I educate them on "the how"--implementing degrees of green into a finish and transforming existing finishes into eco-friendy layers--as well as "the why"--reasons homeowners, designers, and builders should be choosing health conscious decorative finishes for their environments. My goals: to help decorative and faux painters increase their green awareness and responsibilties to customers; to give them more of a marketing knowledge base to better run their businesses; and to increase the perception that a decorative finisher is more a professional and less a flaky difficult artist.