steven wyer
Male, 64 years old

Steven Wyer is a Nashville based entrepreneur and businessman whose credits include co-founding a global nutrition business and being honored as a Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame member. Steven Wyer has also served as a consultant in the financial services sector. Steven Wyer began his diverse career over 35 years ago. In 1992 he established Wyer Creative Communications. Later, Steven Wyer expanded his professional portfolio with the creation of two firms specializing in consumer credit debt. Steven Wyer successfully managed the acquisition of nearly one billion dollars worth of consumer credit accounts. Wyer's professional memberships have included the National Association of Securities Dealers, The Mortgage Bankers Association, The Direct Marketing Association, American Teleservices Association, The Debt Buyers Association and most recently the eMarketing Association. In 2005, Steven Wyer found himself in the middle of a very public legal action. Claims against him were spattered all over the Internet, deeply affecting his personal and business life. Once these claims found their way online, Steven Wyer’s reputation was damaged. For over a decade Steven Wyer has fought the Securities and Exchange Commission to properly clear his name. Steven Wyer now serves with Reputation Advocate, an online reputation management company helping clients fight back against the anonymous world of Internet information. As managing director, Steven Wyer educates and assists others who have found themselves a victim of slanderous web postings. In September 2011, Steven Wyer’s experience led to the publication of Violated Online. In this book, Steven Wyer confronts head-on the repercussions of online slander and the stories behind the calumny found on the World Wide Web. Steven Wyer can be contacted through Reputation Advocate ( For more information about Violated Online visit Specialties Steven C. Wyer serves as Managing Director of Reputation Advocate LLC. The company provides private and public online reputation defense (SERM).