steven davis

Overall technical and business leader. Lead service consultant for IT security and game security projects. Lead developer for SecurePlay ( anti-cheating software. Lead developer for SecurePlay Keeper anti-piracy software. Lead Developer for SecurePlay Seer portal/reseller auditing service for developers and content creators. Speaker on game security at many events including Korea Game Conference, Game Developer Conference, and Austin Game Conference. Lead author of security sections for IGDA report for casual and online games in 2004,2005,and 2006. Patents and patents pending for game security, transaction security, and other areas. Creator of DiceHoldem game. Specialties encryption, digital signatures, DRM, digital rights management, anti-cheat, anti-cheating, piracy, anti-piracy, expert witness, CALEA, information security, INFOSEC, computer security, network security, game design security, PKI, public key cryptography, public key infrastructure, cryptographic design, security design, security evaluation, authentication, access control, biometrics, security policy, program management, project management, software development, C++, Java, game design