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ABOUT ZACUTO FILMS Wanting to come full circle and get back to their roots of creating original content, In December , filmvideo veterans Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn created their first Webisodic Series FilmFellas. Shot in HD p, the round-table discussion, with an infinite background, creates the perfect intimate setting for viewers to get into the minds of emerging filmmakers. For a complete schedule of Zacuto Films Programming, visit ABOUT FILMFELLAS FilmFellas a behind the scenes peek featuring influential and emerging new filmmakers who are making, creating, and challenging the independent film scene and how we view entertainment. Follow this continuing won't want to miss a webisode as the cast and topics change. Producers Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn and Scott Lynch sit down and dine with industry movers and shakers where talking film is their family business. "As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a filmmaker." If this is your mantra, then you've got to see FilmFellas To view behind the scenes footage, and watch first-run FilmFellas webisodes visit httpwww.zacuto.comfilmfellas ABOUT CRITICS In August , Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellascritics, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. critics Premiering August th, Zacuto Films presents a new webisodic series. With the growing popularity of video content sharing forums and video-centric social networking sites such as Vimeo, the program is the first webisodic show which critiques exclusively web based video content. critics offering an eclectic mix of personalities, perspectives and laughter. "The personalities of Weiss and Bloom are electric." To watch the full web series and to see behind the scenes footage and exclusives, visit httpwww.zacuto.comcritics ABOUT THE GREAT CAMERA SHOOTOUT Zacuto Films presents, "The Great Camera Shootout a three part web series where gunslinging HD DSLRs face-off against legendary mm Film." The webisodic series showcases the top performing hybrid HD-DSLR cameras Canon D MKII, D, D, DTi Rebel, Nikon Ds, Panasonic GH and compares the image quality of these cameras against the gold standard of mm film. In addition, the Canon D MKII test includes the new p firmware. See the reactions to this test following K screenings, where HD DSLRs are compared to mm Film. The test results were projected in a K theatrical environment at three screening locations Stag Theater at Skywalker Ranch, LucasFilms Ltd., AFI (American Film Institute) Theater in Hollywood and the FilmWorkers Astro Color Timing Theater in Chicago. Hear commentary from the screenings by top ASC, Hollywood, Indie Film and Event Convergence Photographers. httpwww.zacuto.comshootout