steve weber
Male, 49 years old

My wife Kay and I live on 10 wooded acres with our six dogs in what most would call a remote area of Northwest Oklahoma. We are 50 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart and our closest town is so small it doesn’t have a stop light! We LOVE IT here! Our other interests include running, stained and fused glass art, pottery, metal art, and gardening. I began my journey on the Internet while teaching science in a small school in Western Oklahoma in 1994. With only a home dial-up connection, I was intrigued by the possibilities and spent as many hours as I could afford on the web (I had to pay by the minute back then!). Although just in its infancy, I knew the Internet would change my life. In 1998, I applied for and got a job as Network Administrator for a technology school. Although my dreams of doing some type of online business never died, they were put on hold for a number of years as I settled into my new job. In 2004 we decided to get serious about learning Internet marketing. We started an eBay business at first and then developed a “real” website selling nutritional products at Although we still operate Cactus Canyon, we have since added several other Internet businesses. Within a few years we were both able to quit our full-time jobs in education and now work from home! Kay was a special education teacher at the same school I worked at. Although we both enjoyed our jobs, we wanted more control and freedom over our day to day activities and, most of all, we wanted out of the “rat race” – the Internet worked perfectly into the equation. Even from our country home in Oklahoma, we had access to millions of customers on the Internet. We had created an enormous opportunity for ourselves! Our success with created much interest in Internet marketing among our friends and family; they were very interested in how we were able to succeed online. I realized then I had a perfect opportunity for combining my love of teaching with my passion for Internet marketing. Thus, Weber Internet was created. I combine my teaching and Internet marketing experiences as I teach others how to build their own successful Internet businesses. Helping others enjoy online success is very rewarding to me. I look forward to helping you get started with your own successful Internet business. My online businesses began with just a dream! What is your dream?