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Stephanie Dunn is the Chief Engagment Officer for The .Ink Companies responsible for amusing, inspiring, intriguing and provoking thought in an effort to elevate the human experience. "It's a tough job," she sighed softly, feigning exhaustion, "but somebody has to do it." (Mimicing-Joan-of-Arc-balancing-on-a-folding-chair-smile) Regarding Stephanie Dunn: "Stephanie is a visionary and a leader of leaders. A personality to follow, and an intellect to emulate.” Blair Monie Senior Pastor at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church "As she takes a dainty sip of martini, a lamp casts a honeyed glow on her blonde tresses and mischievous hazel eyes. Her genteel demeanor can go from cuddly to catty to coy in the wink of an eye, and it becomes apparent that one simply doesn't talk with Stephanie, one is absorbed in drama. She boyishly bites her bottom lip and raises her glass: "To life-la dolce vita," Zak says, relishing the moment. "I'm game." Ron Zak, photographer "Dunn, what you ought to do is to go into politics." Frank Vega, publisher, San Francisco Chronicle, said over a glass of Canadian Club. "Lex, Mom is like Rome; she is always at battle." True Dunn, (13) "You're gracious, intelligent, you really have worked on yourself. You have a rare depth of character that is seldom seen nor can be truly appreciated. One sees the depth of life at the level of which they have attained within themselves. To be moved by beauty is the divine in motion, it's why we live, the proof of love within. To move someone else validates ones life. Thank you for letting me know, your honesty enshrouds you with courage. (sitting with the sweet smile of being touched in his heart)." Joseph Ewasow I want to meet you and Oprah! It's on my bucket list. Jackie Francesconi The car is nice but you are priceless my friend.... <♥ there is only one of you and several Bugatti's. Stuart Drexler "When Stephanie was born, we knew that we must love and cherish her with open arms. She has filled our lives with laughter, compassion and great pride. She's honest, true and faithful; sentimental, witty, bright and very beautiful. And now her mother and I entrust to you, the indomitable spirit and soul of this extraordinary, incredible young woman. Treat it gently and tenderly and your life will be enriched as greatly as has been ours. To life together. Wedding Toast Dec. 9, 1995 Written by my mother; spoken by my father. "What an "Elegant Entrepreneur" you are. Thanks for your comments." Joseph Andaloro "Stunning countenance comes to mind." John Stedman "* Crushworthy indeed <smile> * Kicking it up a thousand as we Step it up with Sonoma beauty, Stephanie Dunn, who is multi faceted * charming * witty * funny? *doesn't begin to describe her dry wit & innate,intelligent humour... a hard act to follow but this *Roving Reporter* enjoys banter & a challenge... <Clink> Here's a *Crush bite ♥" As introduced by Marina Ushakova, "Mini Q & A" Feb. 27, 2012 "May you continue to inspire strength in the unawakened goddesses as you have and probably didn't even know it ♥!" Shauna Rowley "I enjoy following your "storybook" life (glow of admiration). You inspire me to dream larger and live better (within budget). I look for your post everyday to see what great things you're doing! You should be a TV show!" Matthew Page "TY Stephanie for being one of the few public figures to engage their audience directly." JoeShow (Joe Mastroianni) "Who'd have thought that your very undefinableness is what puts you on the map?" John W. Arntz "Wherever there is a Stephanie Dunn there is a way." Michael W. Taylor “Stephanie has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.” Michael Gochnour "How pleasant is this? (your conversation) Finally! Something on FB that isn't full of grammatical errors & shows command of the language! Hope I'm not 'creeping', as my students would say, but it was nice to read your notes to each other!" Brad Barlow "Oh, that girl!" Stephanie's mom "I don't know what to wear, but I'm going with my girlfriend Steph. I swear, she'd go swimming in heels." Kimberly Matulaitis "You're like the perfect blend of guy and girl." Wade "Thank you for thinking my name is super-cool! However, it, nor I, will never be as super-cool as "Stephanie Dunn".... =)" Ziggy Chipolte From an FB friend via email: "Are you writing novels? If not, please do so, I want to see your insight which gives you a good eye for the sensible and elegant." JH I expect you've determined, intelligent individual that you are, that I also don't take this all too seriously. (smile) I do however take the next part very seriously: Welcome to the official Facebook page of Ms. Stephanie Dunn and the .Ink companies. In "Nimble" we trust and in this Empire, credibility and integrity are King. We don't always follow the rules, so how can we expect you to? We do however believe in "policy" and we have a few that adhere to participating on this page: 1. We look forward to learning more about you though we do ask that you please reserve requests for contact and friendship to regular Facebook channels. 2. We believe in mentoring - learning from each other's experiences and differing points of view. To enable this ability in each other, we intend to be respectful of you; please show the same courtesy to others. 3. We believe in manners - name calling and use of profanity reflects poorly upon you as does derision- please refrain from their use in your posts- we want you to be the best you can be! 4. We enjoy clever innuendo as much as the next fellow - notice though we qualified it as "clever". Blatant comments or those construed as overtly sexual or in poor taste will be removed from the page. 5. Tugging our ponytails and pokes: Please don't be offended but we haven't responded to either since grade school. 6. Our "ask/won't tell" policy - You are welcome to ask (within appropriate guidelines mind you...). We of course, won't tell. 7. You are going to want to attribute specific meaning or significance to the items on this page. We know this and we can't stop you, unless we visibly see you heading in the wrong direction. We believe that the ability to attribute significance or meaning "accurately" requires first, a test; second, a license. At this time, only the writer holds a license. Of course, couple this realization with our "ask/won't tell" policy and we understand we've left you in a bit of a pickle. Which brings us back to our original point, it's "your" choice: sweet or sour. (Are-you-going-to-pucker-or?-smile) 8. Compliments, comments, concerns or complaints? "Well, you know, all is fair in love and chess." 9. We know we reach a varied and active group of individuals, who are excited to participate with us. Please show us the courtesy of asking prior to posting event, product or organizational promotional material on this page. We've worked very hard to build this group of friends and followers, please do not take advantage for your own or an organization you represent, personal gain. Courtesy - it's a way of life. (live-it!-smile) "Now that you know how we like to operate..." she cooed demurely beneath lowered lashes... Just can't get enough?: www.facebook.com/I.Like.Stephanie.Dunn www.facebook.com/TheiSCollection SDunnSonoma [Twitter] iSCollection [Twitter] gplus.to/StephanieDunn [Google+] This girl's got Klout and ranking on PeerIndex. Twitter lists following Ms. Stephanie Dunn: @WarrenWhitlock/conversationlist A list of the people you are talking to & about. @Frankie7500/lindas-beautiful-people @MasonSpeak/local-knowledge @BROOKS_HOFFOS/cool-kick-ass-people @BROOKS_HOFFOS/wine-food

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  • Bellshill, North Lanarkshire
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