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Male, 23 years old

I am a trendspotter and futurist currently working for Moxie Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our trendspotting team informs internal and external clients of technological/cultural trends that are creating change in marketing and advertising. I have worked as a professional futurist for almost 4 years, helping clients recognize and act on signals of change in order to be prepared for the future. My time as a consulting futurist at Social Technologies involved working with Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of custom work from developing innovation platforms to organizing consumer segmentation and providing custom streams of observations of how consumer trends were manifesting themselves in everyday life. I have a master's degree in Futures Studies from the University of Houston. I was required to take classes in futures research methods, strategic planning, systems thinking, and theories of social change, among others. The combination of my work and educational experiences have provided me with a future-oriented view to present-day challenges facing organizations and has developed an understanding of various methods for developing innovative solutions for Fortune 500 companies from multiple industries. Specialties Consumer and technological trend spotting and analysis, Emerging media, Research, Writing, Futures research methods, Environmental scanning, Scenario planning, Systems thinking, Strategic planning, Visioning