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Aotea, New Zealand

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Manisha asuh. विन्‍ध्य An Artist is worth a Thousand Centuries. O man, take care! What does the deep midnight declare? "I was asleep— From a deep dream I woke and swear:— The world is deep, Deeper than day had been aware. Deep is its woe— Joy—deeper yet than agony: Woe implores: Go! But all joy wants eternity— Wants deep, wants deep eternity. There is the chess park, with giant boards and tables, houses individually decorated with ornate murals and domes, a riot of giant roosters, gauchos. Every Cuban is an Artist and every home an Art Gallery. Whoever is the wisest among you is also a mere conflict and cross between plant and ghost. But do I bid you become ghosts or plants? Create appreciation, praise and gratitude, make the finite yearn and rise to the infinite. I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer. ______________________________ You and Art Your exact errors make a music that nobody hears. Your straying feet find the great dance, walking alone. And you live on a world where stumbling always leads home. Year after year fits over your face— when there was youth, your talent was youth; later, you find your way by touch where moss redeems the stone; and you discover where music begins before it makes any sound, far in the mountains where canyons go still as the always-falling, ever-new flakes of snow. ______________________________ "Of Beauty." says Plato in an immortal passage, "I repeat again that we saw her there shining in company with the celestial forms; and coming to earth we find her here too, shining in clearness through the clearest aperture of sense. For sight is the most piercing of our bodily senses: though not by that is wisdom seen' her loveliness would have been transporting if there had been a visible image of her, and the other ideas, if they had visible counterparts, would be equally lovely. But this is the privilege of Beauty, that being the loveliest she is also the most palpable to sight. Now he who is not newly initiated, or who has been corrupted, does not easily rise out of this world to the sight of true beauty in the other. . . . But he whose initiation is recent, and who has been the spectator of many glories in the other world, is amazed when he sees anyone having a godlike face or form, which is the expression of Divine Beauty; and at first a shudder runes through him, and again the old awe steals over him. . . . ." Most men in the course of their lives have known such Platonic hours of initiation, when the sense of beauty has risen from a pleasant feeling to a passion, and an element of strangeness and terror has been mingled with their joy. In those hours the world has seemed charged with a new vitality; with a splendour which does not belong to it but is poured through it, as light through a coloured window, grace through a sacrament, from that Perfect Beauty which "shines in company with the celestial forms" beyond the pale of appearance. In such moods of heightened consciousness each blade of grass seems fierce with meaning, and becomes a well of wondrous light: a "little emerald set in the City of God". The seeing self is indeed an initiate thrust suddenly into the sanctuary of the mysteries: and feels the "old awe and amazement" with which man encounters the Real. In such experiences, a new factor of the eternal calculus appears to be thrust in on us, a factor which no honest seeker for truth can afford to neglect: since, if it be dangerous to say that any two systems of knowledge are mutually exclusive, it is still more dangerous to give uncritical priority to any one system. We are bound, then, to examine this path to reality as closely and seriously as we should investigate the most neatly finished safety-ladder of solid ash which offered a salita alle stelle. ______________________________ ______________________________ Thoughtful elation has no end: Onward I bear it to whatever come. And my boat and I, before the evening breeze Passing flowers, entering the lake, Turn at nightfall toward the western valley, Where I watch the south star over the mountain And a mist that rises, hovering soft, And the low moon slanting through the trees; And I choose to put away from me every worldly matter And only to be an old man with a fishing-pole. ______________________________ ______________________________ I clean my teeth in water drawn from a cold well; And while I brush my clothes, I purify my mind; Then, slowly turning pages in the Tree-Leaf Book, I recite, along the perth to the eastern shelter. The world has forgotten the true fountain of this teaching And people enslave themselves to miracles and fables. Under the given words I want the essential meaning, I look for the simplest way to sow and reap my nature. Here in the quiet of the priest's templecourtyard, Mosses add their climbing colour to the thick bamboo; And now comes the sun, out of mist and fog, And pines that seem to be new-bathed; And everything is gone from me, speech goes, and reading, Leaving the single unison. ______________________________ ______________________________ With enough love to light up a sky Earth must’ve asked the Sun for a sign and he smiled No reply, just shined It’s no surprise, I see As the winds made love to the Seas The sand dance to the rhythm of the breeze I believe in a Heaven Inhaling the presence when I breathe in the essence As the seasons change, colors of the trees excel it Got me ready to Spring outta Autumn Thoughts falling like leaves and Bees caught em like sneeze during Winter though Fired in the heat of the Summer Knew a girls name, pretty as a world’s name Wondered with her own plans Standing in a dream, hands stretched like wings Trying to hold on to something concrete Like peace Live once like 3 于 _____________________________ 愛 We went Queen. Throw me the statue. Sri Lanka. India. Ganjes River. Everything on The List. Everything else on this list. Qufu. Silk Road. Alhambra. Barcelona. Rotterdam. Berlin. Ireland. Northern Lights. Machu Pichu. Ecuador. Publish the poetry. Play Tokyo. Write the film. . Velvet velden; Wiesen, Felder Felt. . Ahura Mazda: yazat ("Worthy of worship.") harvasp-tavãn ("Omnipotent.") harvasp-âgâh ("Omniscient.") harvasp-h'udhâ ("The Lord of all.") abadah ("Without beginning.") awî-añjâm ("Without end.") bûnastah ("The origin of the formation of the world.") frâxtañtah ("Broad end of all.") jamakh ("Greatest cause.") parjahtarah ("More exalted.") tum-afayah ("Most innocent.") abravañt ("Apart from everyone.") parvañdah ("Relation with all.") an-ayâfah ("Incomprehensible by anyone.") ham-ayâfah ("Comprehensible of all.") âdharô ("Most straight, most just.") gîrâ ("Holding fast all.") acim ("Without reason.") cimnâ ("Reason of reasons.") safinâ ("Increaser.") âwzâ ("Causer of increase. The Lord of purity") nâshâ ("Reaching all equally.") parvarâ ("Nourisher.") âyânah ("Protector of the world.") âyaîn-âyânah ("Not of various kinds.") an-âyanah ("Without form.") xraoshît-tum ("Firmest.") mînôtum ("Most invisible.") vâsnâ ("Omnipresent.") harvastum ("All in all.") husipâs ("Worthy of thanks.") har-hemît ("All good-natured.") harnekfareh ("All good auspicious-glory.") beshtarnâ ("Remover of affliction.") tarônîs ("The triumphant.") anaoshak ("Immortal.") farashak ("Fulfiller of wishes.") pazohadhad ("Creator of good nature.") xavâpar ("Beneficient.") awaxshâyâ ("Bestower of Love.") awarzâ ("Excessive bringer.”) â-sitôh ("Undefeated, undistressed.") raxôh ("Independent, carefree.") varûn ("Protector from evil.") a-frîpah ("Undeceivable.") awe-frîftah ("Undeceived.") adhvaî ("Unparalleled.") kãme-rat ("Lord of wishes.") framãn-kãm ("Only wish is His command.") âyextan ("Without body.") â-framôsh ("Unforgetful.") hamârnâ ("Taker of accounts.") snâyâ ("Recognizable, worth recognition.") a-tars ("Fearless.") a-bîsh ("Without affliction or torment.") a-frâzdum ("Most exalted.") hamcûn ("Always uniform.") mînô-stîgar ("Creator of the Universe spiritually.") a-mînôgar ("Creator of much spirituality.") mînô-nahab ("Hidden in Spirits.") âdhar-bâtgar ("Air of fire, i.e. transformer into air.") âdhar-namgar ("Water of fire, i.e. transformer into water.") bât-âdhargar ("Transformer of air into fire.") bât-namgar ("Transformer of air into water.") bât-gelgar ("Transformer of air into earth.") bât-girdtum ("Transformer of air into girad, i.e. gathered.") âdhar-kîbarît-tum ("Transformer of fire into jewels.") bâtgarjâi ("Doer of bad everywhere.") âwtum ("Creator of most excessive water.") gel-âdhargar ("Transformer of the earth into fire.") gel-vâdhgar ("Transformer of the earth into air.") gel-namgar ("Transformer of the earth into water.") gargar ("Artisan of artisans.") garôgar ("Bestower of wishes.") garâgar ("Creator of man") garâgargar ("Creator of the entire creation") a-garâgar ("Creator of four elements)" a-garâgargar ("Creator of clusters of the stars") a-gûmãn ("Without doubt.") a-jamãn ("Without time.") a-h'uãn ("Without sleep.") âmushthushyâr ("Intelligent.") frashûtanâ ("Eternal protector-increaser.") padhamãnî ("Maintainer of padman, i.e. the golden mean.") pîrôzgar ("Victorious.") h'udhâvañd ("Lord-Master of the Universe.") ahuramazda ("Lord Omniscient.") abarînkuhantavãn ("Of the most exalted rank in the power of maintaining the origin of the creations.") abarîn-nô-tavã ("Of the most exalted rank in the power of rendering the creations anew.") vaspãn ("Attainer to all the creations.") vaspâr ("Bringer of and attainer to all.") h'âwar ("Merciful.") ahû ("Lord of the world.") âwaxsîdâr ("Forgiver.") dâdhâr ("The just creator.") rayomañd ("Full of rae-lustre-splendour.") h'arehmand ("Full of khoreh, i.e. glory.") dâwar ("The just judge.") kerfagar ("Lord of meritorious deeds.") buxtâr ("Redeemer, saviour.") frashôgar ("Restorer through increase of the soul.")

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Shannon Duncan, shannon.duncan.399

Toronto, Ontario

  • Smart Moves Play Place
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Shannon works at Riverdale Farm Toronto.
and studied at Ontario Institute For Studies In Education, University Of Toronto.

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Winter Haven, Florida

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  • Winter Haven, Florida

I have been married for 12 years to my wife, Brandy. I have been employed by the City of Winter Haven Fire Department since 1993. I have been a pre-game lead for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the 2002-2003 season.

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Shannon Duncan, shannon.duncan.7505

  • New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • United States

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