sean kelly

I'm a passionate educator, trainer, coach, and speaker. An extroverted people person that believes that the education process should be fun, interactive, and engaging. My personal mission is to endeavor to make a difference in the world by service to individuals, family, and the community in the form of education, encouragement, synergy, and leadership. I endeavor to help people of all walks of life to discover and maximize their individual strengths, choices, and talents for their personal satisfaction and life success. History I have a broad spectrum of success in various directormanagement roles and responsibilities. I have excelled in customer service training, support training, job skills, team development, leadership development, employment training, and technology training for a number of companies. I'm actively mentoring, coaching, and advising individuals, especially young people, in areas of public speaking, personal and professional growth. PassionCore Values I endeavor to bring out the best in people and to make a meaningful difference in individual lives and organizations. I want to serve and to bring change. I'm always looking for winwin relationships and synergy among individuals and organizations. I have a keen interest in social networking and community. It brings me great satisfaction to see professionals working together in peer-based partnerships in order to maximize their potential effectiveness. Experienced and skilled as an Inscape DiSC behavioral profile practitioner with application in professional and personal human relation situations. I work with schools and other organizations to use metrics such as DiSC in a learning and management environment. I see technology as a powerful tool to harness for our benefit, but not as an end in itself. Specialties Training development, customer relations, learning technologies, motivational speaking, human relationshuman capital training consulting mentoring, leadership, coaching, and advising Inscape behavioral metrics such as the famous "DiSC" profile. Capitalizing on synergistic relationships. Voice-over and narration services