ryan johnson

Ryan Johnson is an active champion of innovation and entrepreneurship. He has served as mentor and personal advisor to CEO’s, founders and entrepreneurs. His greatest passions are education and entrepreneurship. During his undergraduate years, Ryan served as an advisor to the founders of Livescribe and their breakthrough mobile computing platform which includes the Pulse™ smartpen and the new Echo™ smartpen. By their launch in 2007, he served primarily as a market analyst, but also managed projects across various departments including UI design, product development, and sales. Ryan started his first company in 2009. He has been inventing, designing, founding, building, managing, marketing, growing, and selling ever since. Now on his third venture, he has developed a passion for helping other entrepreneurs commercialize innovations. Ryan is a founding father and active alumni of Triangle Fraternity, a national fraternity for men in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science, where he is actively involved in the mentorship of Triangle’s members and other founders. Above all, I strive to... [ 1 ] Reduce the barriers of entrepreneurial growth. [ 2 ] Encourage open innovation through community and knowledge management. Specialties Business: market research, team management, product development, and in-house innovation Technical: Front-End, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, and UI / UX