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Managing by investing in people, I improve team performance and increase employee engagement. My curiosity, reflective nature, and proclivity for big-picture thinking make me an unconventional thinker as well as a stimulating partner for the task at hand. By leveraging management experience from a diverse array of contexts and a willingness to initiate change, I inspire colleagues and clients alike to improve their teams performance while growing professionally themselves. I began my career in international development in Honduras followed by years in nonprofit management. Ive worked for the last six years as an Organizational Development Consultant, providing services ranging from leadership development to marketing. During this time I also started a business and completed my MBA. Like anyone who has been self-employed and has started a business, I have creativity, discipline and resilience to burn. Throughout my career I have proven my ability to develop talent and leaders, increase engagement and retention, build high performing teams, combine ideation with analysis, and lead through change. I am at my best when initiating a new project, analyzing the core concepts of the situation and sharing with my team how to make them actionable. Colleagues and clients alike have come to rely on me for my ability to analyze and understand options, for my perpetual cascade of ideas, for my ability to encourage others in the face of ambiguity, and for my ability to remain calm no matter how crazy it gets. In short, you can count on me when the going gets tough. Consulting part-time worked for me while finishing my MBA, but I am now interested in leveraging my management and talent development expertise into full-time management opportunities or new consulting relationships. Specialties Leadership Organizational Development Executive Coaching Talent Development Marketing Research Analysis Management Strategy BilingualMulticultural International Experience