robi garcia
Female, 41 years old

Internet Marketing consists of many different pieces. No longer can businesses focus on one specific way to generate traffic and sales to their web presence. Audiences can be found in more than one location online and search engines always seem to be looking at a wider variety of criteria to rank search results. You need a well rounded marketing plan to stay competitive. I taught myself how to get traffic to a site, keep it coming back and make a sale. I then went back to school to get my bachelor's in Internet Marketing just to solidify my knowledge and fill in any blanks. I keep up with the latest in search engine algorithms, technology, marketing platforms, tools and resources, so you don't have to. Receive help planning and implementing your SEO, Social Media, PR or obtain one-on-one coaching. Full Social Media Planning, Community Development Planning, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations Planning On Site SEO, ff Site SEO, Link Building (All White Hat) Web Usability, Web Standards, Increase Conversion Rate, Web Design and Set Up, Blog Set Up Specialties Increasing conversion rates and creating marketing strategies that provide the best value for your budget. Providing your company with ever increasing ROI with the least effort, time and money is my ultimate goal.