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Male, 67 years old

My career has spanned and continues to span a seemingly wide spread range of directions. They all share some commonalities. I've sought to work to wake people up, raise their consciousness, empower them to take greater control and maintain healthier Iin their lives, their communities, their futures. 1) Writer/editor, with articles published in numerous national print publications, with links from many news websites. Publisher of, blogger with over 100 articles published on 2) Radio Host; WNJC 1360 AM, Bottom Up Radio Show, on politics, bottom up aspects of business, culture, technology, likfe 3)New Media Social media consultant Software developer-- Web and biomedical-- user interface, algorithms, architecture and functions, building platform 4) 30+ years in the field of biofeedback. Founded and organized one of the largest biofeedback meetings for 15 years, and act as a consultant to practitioners (opening and building practices,) product inventors, software developers, entrepreneurs. 5) Positive psychology, optimal functioning and peak performance: 25+ years lecturing and presenting on happiness, emotional self regulation,positive experience. More recently, weaving together Myth and positive psychology-- the hero's journey as path to personal growth and individuation Specialties 1)Bottom up new media/ social media consultant-- assessment, consulting staff & senior team training on use of social media and all aspects of web to optimize bottom up technologies. 2)Positive psychology, optimal functioning, peak performance, fun, positive experiences, happiness. I've been lecturing on these for over 20 years. 3) The art science & application of story-- to campaigns, marketing, etc. 4) biofeedback / neurofeedback: PR, media, practice or product development, promotion