richard hecker
Male, 33 years old

Im an entrepreneur at heart .Started my first company when I was and never looked back. Im now and am part of the Internet Oldtimers Club something I still dont Results driven Entrepreneur dedicated to shaking up industries, creating shareholder value and having fun. I started my career at age in the still burgeoning field of the Internet. Since I have built and sold successful companies and joined the Internet Oldtimers Club. Ive founded, invested in and acquired over a dozen companies in my career and am known for being a great analyst and trend spotter. Currently am Co-founder and Chairman of inSparq, co-founder and board member of Andover Games and invest through I give back through the Founders Framework educational system and write for publications like Business Insider and Yahoo on entrepreneurship, commerce and marketing. Specialties Entrepreneurship, Direct Online Marketing, Social Media, Viral Marketing, Networking, Creating value, Turnarounds, Private Equity.