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My goal is to help people find purpose in their lives even when tragedy strikes or circumstances change their lives. Healthy relationships and meaningful experiences are the keys to living life to its fullest. Everyone has challenges, and it is how we deal with them that determines who we are, how well we will adjust, and how satisfied we will be in life. Addressing social, mental, physical and spiritual aspects is the key to establishing and maintaining balance within ourselves and the world around us. In dealing with pain and chronic medical conditions, it is important to understand the mind-body connection and know that the two cannot be separated, but instead affect one another in either positive or negative ways. Therapy focuses on increasing a person's coping skills, improving self-esteem, and building successful relationships, with the goal of raising levels of functioning and regaining a sense of purposeful living. Specialties Neuropsychological Assessment, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Assessment and Treatment, Stress Management, Psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavioral, Interpersonal and Insight Oriented approaches)