peter holst

As a chiropractor, the key to my success has been to provide quality care in a warm and personal atmosphere at an affordable fee. Without a doubt, the single most important ingredient is the warm and personal atmosphere. The warm and personal atmosphere creates loyal patients who are more likely to refer their friends and relatives. I call this relationship or appreciation "marketing" because it is easier to keep an existing patient than it is to "market" for a new one. Yes, being a good doctor or having the lowest fees will also create loyal patients. However, as Dale Carnegie might say, low fees and quality care doesn't always help you to win friends and influence people. A significant factor to showing appreciation is staying in touch with our patients. We have done this with a monthly e-Newsletter, frequent regular e-massages, and with personal handwritten "love" notes. Implementing SendOutCards in my practice allows me to professionaly, efficiently and economically keep in touch with my patients. Any business can benefit by using this system for increased loyalty and more referrals. It would be my pleasure to show you how. Specialties Our specialty is celebrating the lives of the friends we touch. We appreciate our patients for giving us their trust and confidence.