pete wright
Male, 36 years old

In Korea, over a decade ago, I ate a live octopus. It was small, the head about the size of a quarter, and it had eight tiny, high-tensile legs swinging about. There was a grandmother there, sitting at the bar, and I'd just watched her pick up one of these little octopuses with her chopsticks, place it to her lips, and suck. It was an octopus shooter. I survived, and I have not eaten anything living since. But I feel as if the whole experience helped me cut my teeth on uncomfortable social situations in a way few people ever see. That, more than any other, sent me careening into the field of marketing and public relations. Today, I serve to create discussion. My specialty is in that space before the sale begins, that space dedicated to creating permission for a customer and a vendor to think about one another, to share the time of day. I do this through a project process that allows us to create and define a message, sculpt it in media, launch it online, and track the response to it over time. I'm a deft interviewer with years of experience on both sides of the media desk, capable of creating interview situations that highlight the best of organization's assets. My goal is to help organizations create media that makes their products and services shine. Specialties New Media, Broadcasting, Copywriting, Editing, Direct Response, Podcasting, Production, Final Cut, Motion Graphics, NLE, Color Correction, Print, Design, Branding, Identity, Teams, Audio, Post-Production