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Female, 62 years old

LivingSocal Marketing Consultant, Chicago Northwest                                  Phone: 847-370-4465, Overview LivingSocial is marketing magic!. Offering business owners a true marketing partnership, A no out of pocket marketing option that offers revenue share that occurs within 15 days of the launch date. The branding and social media exposure is of great value .No executively clause or hidden fees. 100% Measurable results.Plus! We'll help you retain a large percentage of new clients. More then 80% of our Merchants come back to do it again! For the right businesses, it's a dream come true!   LinkedIn Profile: Professional Experience 06/11- present LivingSocial Create pay per performance campaigns with and in the Northwest Chicagoland Market. We are a leading online company offering high-quality "Daily Deals" in over 500 markets worldwide. 9/09-02/11 Super Media LLC. Marketing Consultant  #1 Sales Performer in Chicago, 4th in the Nation. Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Direct Mail Marketing, Social Media Development and   3/07- 6/09 Newsweb Radio Company WAIT 850AM Operations Manager Senior Sales Account Executive 92.7FM. 99.9FM, 92.5FM, 820AM Chicago Metro & Suburban stations 2/03 -11/06 NextMedia Group Senior Sales Account Executive for NextMedia Group New Business Development Specialist! WIIL 95.1, WEXT 104.7, Y 103.9 WWYW, WXLC 102.3, WLIP AM 1050, WKRS AM 1220 3/03 - 11/06 NextMedia Group On air personality for NextMedia Group  "Momma Soul" Radio DJ for WWYW, Y103.9 Saturday & Sundays, 2 pm to 7pm, weekly.  4/99 - 2/03 Lakeland Newspaper, Market Journal Account Executive for Lakeland Press / Multi Print Media Group Recruitment Classified Division / Special Sections Project Sales Market Journal, Great Lakes Bulletin, 11 Lakeland Hometown Newspapers.   Education ·    Online Digital Marketing & Google Ad Words Training ·    Arbitron, Media Audit, and RAB Trained ·    85-87 - College of Lake County ·    83-84 - Lake County College Tech Campus - Media Technical Training ·    80-84 - Grant Community High School Awards & Certificates    Newsweb Radio, 9FM,  Top Sales in New Business Acquisitions.  Awards and Multiple Contest Wins!   NextMedia Group, Most New Business Acquisitions Sold. Top Achievement Certificates, 2003, 2004, 2005   SuperMedia LLC, Awarded the highest achievement, the"Presidential Award"  a trip to Mexico with my top selling peers from all over the country.    SuperMedia LLC, Awarded A trip to Jamaica, 5 days. Due to Bonus Points won from winning the many regional sales contest challenges. SuperMedia LLC, Awarded contest most revenue earned in PP 1 & 2 early 2010, I was  awarded a 52" Flat Screen LCD TV.   SuperMedia LLC, Awarded Top Sellers Achievement Certificates for being over 100%, 200% & 300% to budget multiple times. My on the job experience is extensive and ever expanding! Superior communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to develop strong and cooperative working relationships with key internal and external constituencies. I am a self-motivated, results-driven problem solver who possesses excellent sales, marketing, negotiation skills. I am focused, creative and full of energy! I have twenty years experience working in event planning, print, broadcast marketing, promotions, social media & online advertising.   Here are a few words from my peers...   Super Media “Patty is truly a media Diva! Patty cared deeply for her clients and their success and was a master at getting in the door and selling herself! She is a true sales woman with a passion and hunger that comes across in everything she does. I would recommend Patty for any organization that is seeking a top sales person with a creative mind and flair for communication! Don't let her slip through your fingers! She is a rare find!” February 17, 2011 Paula Campbell, Director of Media Sales, SuperMedia LLCmanaged Patty indirectly at Super Media “Patty was extremely compelling and had a unique ability to "draw in" her clients. She was very focused on delivering the best results and truly understands what her core strengths are and how to use them to increase sales and build relationships. Patty was energetic and could put humor into any situation. Her background and commitment in the fields of advertising and marketing will automatically increase the value of any sales team!” February 6, 2011 David Steiner, Media Consultant, SuperMedia LLCworked with Patty at Super Media “Patty is a top performer. She would be an asset to any sales organization.” February 2, 2011 Jay Guess, Regional Vice President, SuperMedia LLCmanaged Patty indirectly at Super Media “Patty delivers a passion to her job that most dont have. She is very sincere in her direction and works diligently with her clients to make sure that their experience with her is a great one. Any company looking to find an employee tjat has a passion for the industry and for their career would be lucky to have Patty on their staff.” January 31, 2011 Michael Peota, Media Consultant, SuperMedia LLCworked directly with Patty at Super Media “Patty's talents and abilities as a Sales Professional far surpass that which can be expressed within the confines of short written recommendation, but I'll do my best. Suffice it to say she has a style and presence unlike any other I've ever encountered, and sales numbers that leave other sales people in the dust. It would take fireworks jumping out from the computer screen to create the amount of attention she deserves from potential employers who are looking to add a star to their roster.” January 28, 2011 Mike Fraser, Media Consultant, SuperMedia LLCworked directly with Patty at Super Media “Patty was my top Media Consultant and I could always count on her to consistently bring in new clients. She was student in our industry and took time outside of regular business hours to learn everything she could about Internet marketing and advertising. She will be a valuable asset to any sales organization” January 25, 2011 Eric Lavette, District Sales Manager, SuperMedia LLCmanaged Patty at Super Media “Patty is an exceptional individual both as a person and as a professional. Her devotion to her clients is above and beyond what is considered typical. She truly cares for her clients well-being and their results. Patty is also extremely hardworking, who devotes her everything in reaching her revenue goals. Patty is a relationship builder who specializes in developing long-lasting partnerships with her clients. I would recommend Patty for any position in any company that is looking for hard-working, results driven individuals.” January 25, 2011 Uky Chong, Media Consultant, SuperMedia LLCworked directly with Patty at Super Media “Patty Hermes will simply dazzle you from the moment you meet her. Patty is one on the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. She treats all of her clients as if they are family. With all that said Patty is one of the most competitive employees you will find. She is determined to get to the top of the performers and is determined to remain at the top of that list. Patty was consistently at the top of the performers list in the entire country and earned every letter of being a true Media Diva. Patty is very coachable and trainable and when taught something she strives to continue to learn even more about the subject then the trainer who taught it to them. Patty is truly a must have on any team. Her positive humor will always keep your office an enjoyable location to spend your 40+ hours.” January 24, 2011 Roger Gold, •Director of Media Sales at SuperMedia LLC, SuperMedia LLCmanaged Patty indirectly at Super Media “I hired Patty at Supermedia because of her terrific attitude and enthusiasm, and she did not disappoint. She very quickly learned the ropes and turned into a stellar performer. She was a great team player, worked well with her peers, and her customers absolutely adored her. If you want someone who will bring you revenue, take their career seriously, and outperform the salespeople you have now, hire the Media Diva! Hire Patty Hermes! Please feel free to call me if you like for a reference as well, Patty can supply the number. Sincerely, Craig K. Van Fleet” January 21, 2011 Craig Van Fleet, Regional Sales Manager, SuperMedia, LLCmanaged Patty at Super Media Newsweb Radio “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Patty Hermes. I have known her for several years. Patty has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent awards and certificates, she has the natural ability to sell by dedicating her full attention and time on a task. Patty is a “hard hitter” and is not afraid to hit the pavement and make a name for herself. She is also a most dependable team player. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors. Patty would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement. Sincerely,  Lisa Pierce” August 3, 2009 Lisa Pierce, Account Executive, Newsweb Corporationworked directly with Patty at Newsweb Radio Comapny “Patty has an unparalleled personality, which enables her to create strong and lasting business relationships very quickly. She has been an imperative member of the 9FM and Chicago’s Progressive Talk family, developing a great deal of new business for the company. Her understanding and presentation of qualitative data is unsurpassed. I have been privileged to work among Patty, as she has not only kept the morale upbeat, but has taught her peers a great amount of industry knowledge.” February 25, 2009 Jennifer DeSalvo, Marketing Executive, Chicago's Progressive Talk Radioworked indirectly for Patty at Newsweb Radio Comapny Newsweb Radio Comapny “Patty was the type of sales person that clients loved to see come into their office. She is someone that is full of energy and always worked in the clients best interests along with the interests of our company.” February 18, 2010 Donald Pocius, Director of Marketing & Promotions, Newsweb Corporation (9FM & WCPT)worked with Patty at Newsweb Radio Company “When I worked with Patty she was a motivated sales person that was eager to work toward a common goal with minimal guidance. I found her very creative in her approach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a motivated self starter that can work equally as well in a group setting.” January 8, 2010 Ron Cowgill, President, Square and Level Media Productionsworked with Patty at Newsweb Radio Company “Tenacious, client-driven, and work-a-holic are just a few of the terms that come to mind when I think of Patti Hermes and her work performance. Her clients do business with her because they know she will take care of them and get things done. Patti and I worked side-by-side at Newsweb and she was an inspiration to me and others. If you want media exposure for your business, hire Patti and get out of the way!” January 8, 2010 Mark Earnest, Sales, Newsweb Radioworked directly with Patty at Newsweb Radio Company  Next Media Group “Patty will bang on the phones and get people excited about the product. Give her a target and she is going to hit it!” January 28, 2011 Jerod Bast, Marketing Consultant/Marketing Director/General Sales Manager, Next Media Groupmanaged Patty at Next Media Group “Patty worked for me at NextMedia Radio and I have never met a person who cares more about her customers or who works harder for them than she does. She is passionate and creative!”  Kira Lafond, General Manager, NextMediamanaged Patty at NextMedia Group, March 5, 2009 “Patty is a great person and an equally great co-worker. Patty brings an eagerness to her job and does the best job.” February 28, 2009 Carson Greene, Air Talent - Board Op - Production - Traffic Reporter - Promotions - Utility Assitant, Next Media Groupworked directly with Patty atNext Media Group   “If you need a sales executive you can count on to give 110% every single day - you need Patty on your team. She has tremendous focus, prospects constantly and will push herself to deliver for your company while making sure that her clients needs are exceeded.” January 26, 2011 Kira Lafond, General Manager, NextMediamanaged Patty at Next Media Group “Patty Hermes expressed her enthusiastic drive to be the best at what she does at every moment. The senior supervisor looked to her for an inspiring word to "rally the troops". Among the countless occasions where showed devotion to her trait Patty has been a great employee with a honorable work ethic and dedication to the job. Any company would prosper with Patty Hermes on their team. Carson Greene” December 2, 2009 Carson Greene, Air Talent - Board Op - Production - Traffic Reporter - Promotions - Utility Assitant, Next Media Groupworked directly with Patty at Next Media - Crystal Lake  Lakeland Media (Lakeland Newspapers) “This letter is my recommendation for Patty Hermes. We were colleagues years ago and I always found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Patty is a take-charge person with an upbeat personality who is able to communicate media benefits to her loyal clientele. She has been successful in increased revenue over and over and is very goal driven. Patty is indeed a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.” January 15, 2010 Tammy Marchetta, Marketing, Advertising and Account Executive, Lakeland Mediaworked with Patty at Lakeland Media (Lakeland Newspapers) “Patty is a dynamic, "never-say-die" seller who people enjoy buying from! Though sometimes unorthodox, Patty never quits and never fails to deliver results. If Patty joins your team, prepare for a wild ride... that will be good for your bottom line.” January 21, 2011 Padgen, Richard, Classified Sales Manager, Lakeland Mediamanaged Patty at Lakeland Media (Lakeland Newspapers) ,Super Social Media Diva, LivingSocial, Marketing Consultant, Social Media, The Media Diva is LivingSocial!