munawar ahmed

If it ain't worth doing right, it ain't worth doing. I eat, sleep, dream UX. On any given project, I’m deeply involved from inception to release, and have often been described as the unrelenting force that holds the entire project and its people together. I’ve worn many hats over the years, from business analyst to information architect, project manager to product manager. I run a tight ship and have zero tolerance for poor design, sloppy documentation, convoluted architecture, or dead weight. Projects range from mid-size applications to enterprise-level systems; methodology varies from waterfall to agile and everything in between. I’ve worked on 27 major projects over the last 12 years, spanning a range of mobile, web, desktop, and mainframe technologies. And not to worry, if I haven’t done it before, I always figure it out. Specialties I specialize in boiling requirements down to their essence, designing intuitive user interfaces, modeling relational databases and object databases, and working quickly and methodically through issues as they arise. I understand the importance of working closely with all members of the project team — project managers, designers, editorial, sales, marketing, developers, and QA — to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.