mike rynchek

Mike Rynchek is the President of Spyder Trap Online Marketing, a Minneapolis-based agency focused solely on the marketing strategies and tactics unique to the online world. His expertise includes search engine optimization, paid search, web site analytics, e-mail marketing and using social media in business contexts. Mike’s experience reaches back nearly to the genesis of online marketing and he continues as one of the industry’s pioneers. Most recently, his social media expertise proved critical to the success of the Vote Yes movement in Minnesota in November 2008. Using social media including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube, Mike engineered the first social media campaign that directly led to the passage of a constitutional amendment anywhere in the United States. Mike has worked with a wide variety of clients including TCF, Smiths Medical, UnitedHealth Group, Ingenix, myOptumHealth, Smead, Nabbit, Nestle, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, HOM Furniture and Crave among others. Currently Mike is the Marketing Communications Chair for the American Diabetes Association Community Leadership Board. Mike holds Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the G. R. Herberger College of Business at St. Cloud State University. Specialties Areas of specialties include: Website optimization, online marketing strategy, website analytics, website maintenance and management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored search, email marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, landing page design and creation, graphic design, traditional marketing and more.