mike domitrz
Male, 47 years old

Mike Domitrz, Author, Leading Authority, Educator, Expert, and Certified Speaking Professional, is the Founder & Executive Director of The Date Safe Project, Inc. He has devoted his life to the mission of The Date Safe Project: to provide parents, educators, middle schools, high schools, colleges, university campuses, and military installations SKILLS for addressing consent, respect, bystander intervention, teen dating, sex education, abstinence, sexual assault (rape), and supporting survivors of sexual assault. In the past 2 decades, Mike has spoken on 4 continents and to hundreds of educational and/or military institutions. Currently, he presents to audiences in over 75 cities each year. His clients range from local school districts and parenting organizations throughout the country to some of the nation’s most prestigious college campuses to the US Military (both stateside and overseas). Moms, Dads, Teachers, Professors, Activists, Administrators, and Leaders seek Mike out to speak and consult on addressing the keys to safer decision-making for both teenagers and young adults. His award-winning DVD title “HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations” is an 85 minute interactive experience for parents of teens (and tweens). Included with the DVD is Mike’s best selling book “May I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness” and his critically acclaimed book “Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault” (features 12 survivors of rape and sexual assault). Specialties • Sexual Assault Speaker & Trainer • Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop • Bystander Intervention Presentation & Trainer • Consent and Asking First • Sexual Assault Survivors & Providing Support • Teen Dating Presenter & Program • New Look at Sex Education (from Abstinence to Comprehensive) • Rape & Date Rape Prevention Myths • Sexual Assault & Rape Victims: Wrong Word! • Educating Teens & Young Adults through Interaction & Humor • Talking to boys, girls, males, and females about Sensitive Topics