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Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Stay-at-home parent
  • East Grand Rapids High School

Melissa currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI.
and studied at East Grand Rapids High School.

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Duncan, British Columbia

  • Melissa Parker - Wellness Consultant in Duncan BC
  • FGXpress

Melissa currently lives in Duncan, BC.
Melissa works at Arcadian Early Learning Center.
and studied at Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute Inc..

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  • Rent-A-Center

Melissa works at Rent-A-Center.

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Everett, Washington

  • Bethany at Pacific/Providence Hospital
  • Everett Women's Gospel Shelter Mission

I enjoy studying counseling psychology, marine oceanography, marine engineering, train engineering, medicine, business law, naturopathy, nutrition, cooking, health, United States government/World government, history, balanced exercise, movies, and agricultural farming. Rain, warm sunshine, wind, and snow is refreshing to me. Rain has a wet sense of humor. Meryl Streep, Loretta Lynn and Katherine Hepburn are women movie actresses whom I truly enjoy and can watch in comfort and peace. I enjoy the Alaska wilderness documentary with Dick Prenecke's outdoor place of living called "Alone in the Wilderness". I enjoy singing in calmness about all kinds of songs in life. I love watching movies and reading books, but I am not a person whom is a coach potato mentality in life. I WILL NEVER STAY IN A DRESS OR SKIRT EVERY DAY AND NIGHT AND THROUGHOUT THE YEARS TO PROVE TO ANYONE I AM A WOMAN OR A GODLY WOMAN. I enjoy nature, and being in the outdoors. I love bird-watching. I love being on a boat, and to fish. And, I enjoy laying on a air mattress in my bathing suit in the ocean, lakes, and swimming pools. I love fishing stories, train stories, tugboat stories and farming stories. Growing up with my grandparents, parents, nuclear family, and living in Whatcom County, I enjoy the Pacific Northwest, and Lummi Island. I enjoy watching the reef net fishing, and being near the coast to watch the otters, and marine life. I love hummingbirds. I am an air head, meaning I am able to handle stress well, and learn to take garbage in and garbage out when various things are told to me, and love humor!!! I enjoy Fox News and World News Reports with Diane Sawyer and David Muir, and local evening news. I know my boundaries with others. For twenty years, I have been a Washington State Registered C.N.A./Group Homes. For nearly 10 years, I was a successful Washington State Registered Counselor, and enjoyed the interaction with others. E. Dale & Kathy Parker, my parents, have helped me throughout the years. I don't always agree with them, but of course, I love them, respect, and encourage them, as for they have been there for me. I believe in time outs, when others need space. They have their private lives, and I have my private life. Throughout my life, I went to Oliver, B. C., Canada, where my Dad was founder camp director with Don Coy, owner, for over 30 years with Okanagon Major League Baseball Camp, now known as Okanagon Big League Camp in Kamloops, B.C. My Dad is on the University of Washington Sports Hall of Fame of Collegiate Coaches, and Seattle Pacific University Falcon Legends Sports Hall of Fame of Collegiate Coaches. I never played, nor play softball/baseball, but support my Dad's passion for all kinds of sports. For over 20 years, my Dad was a public high school counselor at Edmonds High School/Lincoln High School confidentially, productively, graciously, and honestly. In March 2015, my Mom is inducted in the HALL OF FAME Washington State Associated Student Body Coordinator Public High School Award. In 1994, my Mom was 1st runner up for Hall of Fame Associated Student Leadership Adviser in Public High Schools in the U.S., and well deserved as many students, teachers, administrators, and community loved my Mom's positive open mind to public education, confidentiality, punctuality, thankfulness, witty humor, intelligence, and honest business. Their loyalty,total quality management, love for work, love toward all humankind, love for farming, and positive self worth, truly has helped me throughout the years. Since I was 13 years of age, I always wanted to earn a doctorate level academic education in a nationally accredited university and consistent paid work. For thirteen years, I dedicated to "being married" to my books and consistent paid work, and now I have one course to complete and my dissertation. During the thirteen years, I would not date men , so I would concentrate just on keeping on top of my career work priorities. I financially and academically earned my own way through college and graduate school, with occasionally a bit of help from my parents, budgeting wisely, and no extravagant vacations. I will not compete the three quarters and dissertation until the financial funding comes through a grant, or financially earned on my own. Thankfully, my college debt is paid legally, honestly, humbly, and forgiven. What a nightmare, the U.S. capitalist government puts too much stress on students to be brainwashed into being in student financial debt. I support the United States Democrat Party, and Hillary Clinton with her intelligence, courage and experience!!! I always have enjoyed the political family of the Kennedys'!!! The German Democrat Party is an excellent form of government policy too. My Mom's German relatives live prosperous and wonderful lives in North Germany and Western Germany (formerly the Old Germany). And, truly my Mom's German cousins have been very kind to my parents and myself and my two sisters in many ways. And, my Oma Emmy and Opa Hans Hempler immigrated to Everett, Washington, and Bellingham, Washington to live their prosperous married lives together. I believe many other European educational systems are so much better than the U.S. I have chosen in my life never to own a credit card, and never to be in a position to face bankruptcy. Honestly, I have lived a very frugal life. But, basically, my parents philosophy was if you want to earn and achieve it, then pray, and work hard today to better tomorrow, which is what I have done in life. And, truly natural abilities in life take practice too. I am not a "porcupine Christian". In life I have learned patience, prayers, priorities, and perseverance. I have a special gentleman private intimate lover "Don" Donald P. Winders (Don. P. Winders), whom privately helps me a lot in life, whom we love each other mutually. Since I have never married and never raising children on my own, I kept plugging away and staying on top of schedules, deadlines, and no over nights. Faithfully, lights at night went out no later than 9 P.M. For me, I have kept many prayers, consistent moderate sleep, moderate exercise, faithful consistent work schedules with employers, positive communication with others, frugal financial management, time for nuclear family and friends, drinking water and yes diet Pepsi with caffeine, eating in moderation nutritious foods, and no sweet refined sugars. The year 2014 was a hard year with stress in life and eating too much, BUT NOW MY LIFE IS BACK ON THE MEND AND I ENJOY EATING NUTRITIONALLY AND WITH BALANCED PROPORTIONS. I enjoy meeting people. I enjoy being alone too. I enjoy spiritual aspects to life. I enjoy encouraging others when they have faced trauma or having a hard time. And, yet, I enjoy encouraging others when times are fun too. I LOVE HUMOR, BUT NOT ALWAYS TELEVISION HOME VIDEO PROGRAM SHOWS, BECAUSE OF PEOPLE BEING LAUGHED AT FOR BEING HURT. I have been blessed in my life with a warm smile and natural white teeth, and an inner strength of God's love flowing from me. There is always something positive in life, even when others are negative and forcing their values, beliefs, and customs. Living in this world has all kinds of people. In my opinion, to be content is to have positive solution focused goals, and to have a positive self-worth helps instead of truly always having to see others brag or force their values on others by counter-transference/transference. I also strongly enjoy reading and hearing positive aspects to social justice, business law, national politics, and international economics. I have a very hard time listening to right-wing radical Christians, whom do not have an open mind about supporting the American retail businesses, American blended families, American churches, American government, and Americans' in economic financial need. And, I have enjoyed being single and never-married in many ways throughout my entire life, and there have been times of wondering the future. Every one comes in special packages as a gift from their Creator and Maker. Every person is a special and unique person. No person is the exact same genetic chemistry, everyone has their own cultural, religious, physical, and social well-being. Thank goodness, for the world would a different place if we were all the same. Sometimes it feels like each day the world is turning around more than 360 days. However, living in the world is a positive place, it depends on how we make our choices and priorities each day and night. I enjoy others whom love to enjoy peace with their favorite liquor, whether it is malt liquor, beer, wine, and what makes them have festivity and calmness. Because of medical reasons, I have never drunk alcohol, but do not condemn negatively those whom partake. I always have various liquor in my refrigerator for various special friends, whom come to visit me. My front door at my apartment #16 says, "Please no soliciting. Please remove foot garments upon entering. Thanks." I am not into solicitors coming to my door, nor various religions trying to push me into debates, nor local pawn shop dealers coming to my door. And, I love a clean and sanitary apartment, which is truly never a problems for me. I love cleaning my own belongings. HOWEVER, MY HOME IS WELCOME FOR VISITORS. And, no one has to go to the Forest Park Estates/Woodhaven Apartments office to call me before someone comes. I LOVE (AND MY PARENTS, AND DON P. WINDERS) my landlords Dave and Ann Kittle, and Johnson Investments, and getting adjusted to Woodhaven Apartments/Pacific Living Properties Corporation renovation projects and management. I have nothing to hide from MY LANDLORDS, WHOM ARE AWESOME AND PROFESSIONAL AND DOWN TO EARTH IN WONDERFUL WAYS. I AM GRATEFUL THAT FOREST PARK ESTATES, WHERE I HAVE LIVED NEARLY EIGHT YEARS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 14, 2016 IS NOW NAMED WOODHAVEN, WHERE I LIVE IN MY OWN TWO BEDROOM IN A TWO STORY LEVEL 4-PLEX APARTMENT BUILDING. AS A SINGLE NEVER-MARRIED WOMAN WITH NO CHILDREN, AND LIVING ALONE, I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY LANDLORDS AND OTHER FRIEND TENANTS AS WE LIVE TOGETHER WELL AROUND EACH OTHER IN SEPARATE UNITS. There are a few kooky people. At the present time, if someone (others) come to visit me, please never talk to unit #17, as the geriatric woman tenant, whom is chronically domestic violence anger opposition defiant criminally mentally ill, and means of getting her out of Forest Park Estates is continually encouraged by many tenants to the apartment management. Eight blocks walking distance at times, I am attending for worship service Sanctuary Covenant Church in North Everett, Washington, and enjoy various acquaintances. Also, at times, I walk one and half blocks to Zion Lutheran Church from my apartment place of residence. I do not have a vehicle at the present time, so I walk and take the city buses to commute places. The walking is good for me. Yet, I do get tired with carrying various purchases up and down the hill. My heart and lungs and physical body is excellent stated by my medical doctors, yet I thank God (Trinity) for giving me the ability to walk and live independently and not being obsessed in myself. In my entire life, I have always been grateful to have grown up three blocks from Puget Sound Wharf Street area of Edmonds, Washington State. Growing up in Edmonds (Seaview Heights area), Washington State, I always enjoyed fun times enjoying reading at the beach, watching the birds, resting on a towel or beach mat and praying in my own silent presence before God (Trinity), playing guitars and singing fun songs, completing my school homework assignments, enjoying finding sea creatures, listening to the ocean waves, waving to the trains along the sea shore, being with my parents, being with friends (Erin, Lisa, Debbie, my two sisters, Kirsten and Elizabeth, and Jennifer and Julie, and Ann), and running up and down the steep home back and forth to my parents home, and waving to various neighbors. Thank you all for keeping me in your private optimistic thoughts in life. I AM GRATEFUL YOU ALL ARE ON MY FACEBOOK.

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