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Mel works at Mahwah High School.
and studied at Paramus High School.

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I was writing my own stories, since I was nine years young. Cosmic tales, with heros & Villains vilified, with their not so much evil ways as misunderstood ways, not agreeable to maybe the rest of us. But not as blind, senseless, & real pains in the equalibrum as our latest Dick tating arrogant idiots. No, my Villans were fun, mischievous, bunch of wacky dark & lit up, characters female, male, ? You would love to know, & then I bounced & wrote about my favorite bands in the same situations as my first heros. Then went on to write a tale I thought others could enjoy too. Full of strong female heros, in the face of a fight, capture, rescue & qwerky Elf of light, & turned Dark kind of village tales spinners, Ballardary kind of things. With a young fare Knight who needed to be rescued, after being humiliated in front of his Lady fare, by the handsome rakish Dark lord Not what your thinking, however I did have a strange dream, not long after, I planned out the whole stories ark. I was walking through a field in Spring time, smile on my face. Then I saw them, it was Master Tolken himself, & CS Lewis. Great, some encouragement at last. So I thought. I had near enough of it, through my life to keep me positive. The dream continued, suddenly I was transported from the field to a bar, where the two famous & amazing authors bought a round, then as I was sipping mulled cider & watched in awe, as the two smoked thoughtful clouds of smoke, from they're aged carved pipes. Till they paid me mind, as I waited for them to spaketh thy wisdom. Melissa? Yes? We believe, that it may be in your best interest, if you just stop writing your novel. What now? Wait what? Look a few of the Chapters maybe a bit over the top, & yeah another oow evil against light fight, that I had no clue would be so unfortunately like your books, & your books, if you'll forgive me, for my egocentric sounding boast, but that wasn't intentional at all. True I read Chronicles of Narnia long before, I began writing my tale. I'm sorry my dear, but you will only be wasting your time, the story is full of scenes depicting the same dilemmas, & swords & sorcery we have frought with intentionally, the unwavering platitudes, created from our own experiences in war time. Wow, I never heard anything so disappointing in all my disappointing life times. Here I am sitting in mid gush, over two genius minds, & instead of them smiling & giving me a heart to heart, the both of you, got together to brain bash me!! Now see here! No, your right, I suck, the story fell apart, but in the years I wasted on such a massive under taking it took you two cheeky bastards a few minutes to set me right. Well of coarse, why should you, continue, on with such a feeble endevour. We care, tho, we may appear other wise self invested. Ohh yes, -- Quite, I was thinking that, would have said that, had you not JT. Not atoll dear boy, I was always going to... Your deliberately right Ol' boy. Hello? So scrap my masterpiece, while you two ol boys remenise, & can't wait to light up again, while I bang my head into a bloody rafter?! Are you still here, my dear? Um, how does one answer? Apparently she didn't get the message CL Quite, JT. No, I did, just want to fade away now... Oh, like that, may I use it? What?! Use what? Yes, yes, that was very good. Quite. I did something good? Oh my dear girl, of coarse you did, just not that story of yours. No not at all, dreadful piece of cod swallow. What?! Never mind, I don't want to know. In any event good to know you, then. Ye good time... What? Nothing, charmed to have met you, or should I turn a phrase then, nothing atoll. Be sure to blow it out your ol' arses... Seriously that's not how the dream ended, but if you heard the truth, you would have been bored, & not even read all the way here, so I woke up, not for the dream, but my own boredom I gave writing a little rest... & consentrated on getting a band fam together, trying to write Lyrics instead... Tune in next time, to hear how that lovely experience transpired friends...

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