matthew gagnon
Male, 37 years old

Matthew Gagnon is a Republican political strategist, specializing in digital campaigns, grassroots organizing and the use of data in politics. Currently, he serves as the Director of Digital Strategy for the Republican Governors Association, where he has been recognized as one of the top digital strategists in the country. Prior to his time at the RGA, Matthew spent time on Capitol Hill as Director of New Media Communications for United States Senator Susan Collins. In , he was Deputy Director of Digital Strategy at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, helping to coordinate online campaigns for U.S. Senate races across the country. Matthew has also spent time in the private sector, most recently as a Senior Project Manager in the Public Affairs practice at Arlington based digital firm New Media Strategies. In addition to his work in politics, Matthew is an accomplished writer, photographer, graphic designer and jazz musician.

Alternative Names:

matt gagnon