matthew davis

?Matt Davis With a diverse background including management and leadership, consulting and coaching. Matt Davis has a served in leadership roles ranging from non-profits to Fortune 1000 companies. He brings a unique ability to create change and set direction. After 11 years of leading and directing non profit organizations Matt began to gain expertise in staffing, management, sales training and coaching. It was in this process that he was called upon repeatedly to serve as and internal consultant to problem solve and to develop staff and program to produce at a higher level. For the last 6 years, Matt has focused solely on consulting and coaching C level executives and management teams, start ups and business owners, ranging form real estate and mortgage to technology and marketing. His experience with sales training and ongoing coaching have created performance environments. He has built a solid knowledge of what is needed for today’s leaders to grow and develop businesses and corporate cultures that matter. Truly gifted with a natural ability to help high level leaders define and remove obstacles that are blocking their development and the companies they lead. He provides a clear outside perspective to challenging situations and forces those he works with to use their strengths and to create win / win opportunities With over 6000 hours of consulting and coaching experience and a consistent track record of getting results Matt is a powerful resource. Strengths Adept at strategic planning with leadership teams In depth performance Management at all levels Sales Training Ongoing Coaching Interim Sale/Marketing support Speaking - Staff Motivation - Focus - Leadership One on One Coaching Meeting Facilitation Strengths Profiling Specialties Strategic Planning, Performance Consulting, Executive Development, Sales Training, Small Business Culture, Coaching, Speaking on Focus.