matt temkin
Male, 37 years old

Fan of Deep Dish Pizza, Dr. Browns Cel-ray and Cream Soda, Blue Jeans and Tee-shirts. The perfect start to my day; get up and eat some breakfast, then ride the bike be it outside or inside on the indoor trainer, after that take a shower and then practice. I am a professional musician (drummer / percussionist), and love what I do for a living. Along with playing weddings and bar mitzvahs last week I played drums for a Drama Desk nominated off-broadway musical which ran for a combined 19 weeks. I am in love with my 40 gig iPod which is nearly filled up with my large collection of CD's and some of the Lp's that I have digitized to it. I am looking for someone to either keep me out of trouble, or get me into more trouble. The current batch of photos were taken in August, it's time to take some more as the hair is now a couple of inches longer. (I have donated it previously to Locks of Luv three times and plan on doing it a forth time.)