mary hester
Female, 30 years old

Ms. Hester is the CEO of LAN Systems which provides IT solutions in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area. LAN Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelligent System Solutions, Inc. which provides consulting, sales and service to utility customers. Intelligent System Solutions concentrates on high-tech solutions that provide function and economy. Prior to ISS, Ms. Hester worked as the Support and Services Manager for Advanced Control Systems providing assistance to customers on a wide-range of topics. Ms. Hester has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from the University of Georgia at Athens. In addition to working with utilities on security and other topics, Ms. Hester is active in the industry and serves on several committees that address security concerns for public utilities. Mary serves on the Board of Utility Technology Associates which conducts the Southeastern Apparatus School and provides training for electric utilities. Specialties SCADA operation and security, Service Level Agreement (SLA) development and delivery, customer loyalty