mark vaudreuil

Mark has over 25 years of sales experience which includes 10 years of technology and internet marketing success. He has worked with hundreds of companies helping them gain massive exposure and visibility online. Mark is the owner of SEO Tidal Wave, a Boston based local internet seach engine marketing company. He has worked closely with best-selling business and internet marketing authors Robert G. Allen, Loral Langemeier, Adam Ginsberg and is a frequent guest on the popular Boston radio show, Money Matters WBNW AM 1120. Mark also regularly shares his internet marketing experience and insight as an author on the well-known SEO blog Google Income. Specialties Business Development, SaaS, Local Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Website Copywriting, Pay Per Click (PPC) Consulting, SEO Consulting, Affiliate Marketing Consulting, Professional Coaching and Live Event Management.