lori howard
Female, 43 years old

I work with mid-career professionals who are frustrated and unhappy in their job and feel drained by their career. I help them to find work that feels more like a calling - a career that excites and inspires them every day. My clients are based across the US and Canada. Prior to launching my company, I worked in a corporate environment for over years leading and managing software development and quality assurance teams through coaching and mentoring. I have worked in financial services, insurance, publishing, and medical devices industries. I also work in Chicago theatre as actor, producer, and theatre manager. While working in my corporate jobs, I felt everything from a mild sense of disconnectedness from my work, wondering is this really what Im meant to do to frustration, wondering why other people could love their work, their career, but not me Or, if I had a purpose, if I was designed for something, what was it And was I supposed to be miserable and unfulfilled by it Was it supposed to feel so empty I sought help from various career coaches, counsellors, etc., never quite finding the answers I was looking for. Ultimately, I hit a wall. I was exhausted all the time, had trouble getting myself to work every day. I felt what I did no longer mattered to me. And I knew inside, that my job should be filled by someone who had a passion for it. I left my job, and spent time aggressively searching for answers using what resources I could find, and books to work through, to help me connect with who I am, and who I was created to be. As a result, I developed a system that goes beyond standardized assessments, that helps people to discover in - sessions what it took me decades to unearth on my own what is it you were made to do, would love to do, and what environment you would thrive in. In sessions you can move from burnout to energized, excited about your career and possibilities. Specialties coaching, leading and facilitating workshops, job search skills, speaking and training, resume writing, project management, theatre, brain science