lisa kastleen
Female, 23 years old

Representing beliebers from Denmark.The history of bieberparades.- The first bieberparade ever, got made march 22th 2010 in Denmark by the owner of this youtube channel: Lisa Kastleen. The next parade i made was may 7th 2010 also in Denmark & then one of the most famous parades, august 6th 2010 that Justin tweeted about. Then again i made a parade with help from my friend Jannie, December 4th 2010 & again May 7th 2011 That Justin also tweeted about and posted on facebook. Shows that dreams they DO come true.The next Parade will btw be july 30th in Denmark, Ã…rhus! Remember to show up & bring your bieberswagger if you can.On this youtube channel you will find different kind of videos dedicated to Justin Bieber.Also: The danish flashmob arranged by me, Lisa Kastleen & of course Jannie Buhl, going to be in a worldwide Justin Bieber commerical by Alfredo Flores. Check out my Twitter: @bieberparade.and my facebook i own with me for questions: dkbieberparade@live.dkNEVER SAY NEVER.Lisa Kastleen.Haters gon' hate, we will just kill them with kindness ;),Share your videos with friends, family, and the world