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Dr. Lisa Van Allen is The Biz Doctor: a certified life and business coach and a clinical psychologist providing individual and group coaching in person and via telephone or Skype. Van Allen & Associates offers strategic business, marketing, and life purpose planning for small business owners / entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals. Dr. Lisa is an in-demand speaker on topics ranging from finding life's purpose to leadership to developing a sales/marketing strategy based on Values, Integrity, and Authenticity. Dr. Lisa is an award winning writer of books and articles, including a soon to be published book entitled "Your Belief Quotient". Dr. Lisa has a passion for helping individuals align their business strategy with their personal and spiritual values. She believes BoundlessRiches(TM) are available to anyone who is open and ready to receive them! Van Allen Coaching blends Purpose and Passion with Profit! Dr. Lisa is the host of two radio shows: Prescriptions for Passionate Living airs on every Wednesday at 8 AM Central / 9 AM Eastern. Dr. Lisa teams up with weight strategist and health coach Lynette Patterson and the Mind Magician Melanie Hoffner to host Saving Superwoman, which airs live Saturdays, 9 AM Central. Specialties Individual and group coaching. Specializing in small business & entrepreneurs, mindset & self sabotage, strategic planning and implementation, cognitive behavior therapy, individuals with learning and behavior disorders, personality profiling (MBTI and DISC) and team building. MBTI: INFP Strengths Finder: Strategic, Futuristic, Relator, Ideation, Maximizer