lincoln chafee
Son of John H. Chafee, grand-nephew of Henry F. Lippitt, both long-time Republican Senators from Rhode Island. Also a grand-nephew of early 20th century civil rights activist Zechariah Chafee. Educated in private schools and worked as a blacksmith before entering politics, as city councilman and later mayor of Warwick, RI. Almost literally inherited his US Senate seat — he was appointed 2 November 1999 to fulfill his father's term after the elder Chafee's death. Elected to a full term in 2000, defeating Congressman Robert Weygand. Moderate Republican whilst in the Senate. Supported abortion rights, gay rights, pay-as-you-go legislation, tax subsidies for companies which move US jobs offshore, and the USA PATRIOT Act. Only Republican in the Senate who opposed the 2003 Iraq war authorization. Defeated for re-election by Sheldon Whitehouse in 2006. read more ...
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