laurel burton
Female, 37 years old

I live, work, thrive, rock, roll and reside in the town I call home-Bend, Oregon. Ive managed to successfully raise a miniature male version of myself known as Cassel, whom is currently seven years of age, and Im quite partial to him.I work in the oh-so-glamorous world of marketing in a fabulous studio space in Downtown. I frequent places such as Bellatazza, Thump and The Downtowner so much I kind of consider them my adoptive family. Not that I dont have family, but the baristas at Bellatazza dont annoy me as much, and I dont have to buy them presents, and if i forget their birthdays its no big deal. So its like they are family-only better.I sometimes find myself painfully funny-yet the majority of the population simply doesnt get it. No worries though, Im OK with it, because at least I enjoy my own company.Im obsessed with soul-no not like Ghandi or Buddha, but the kind that gets expressed through six strings, a beat and painfully passionate lyrics.So, thats me, I guess, in a nutshell.