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Kimberly Spencer

Stagg High School

Also known as: kimberly.spencer.9849

  • Self-Employed
  • University of Florida

Kimberly Spencer

Pace, Florida

Also known as: kimberly.spencer.10

  • Freelance Photographer, Freelance Writer, Product Reviews & Giveaways Host at Kimberly's Thoughts
  • Tyler County High School

I'm southern born and raised, my values are strong and I stand up for what I believe in. I'm 40 years old as of the 25th of December, life seems like it has flew right by and I still can remember when you thought 30 was old, after days away from 40 I don't even think 40 is old now. I was in a really terrible car wreck in 2002, I'm here by the grace of God, because he's for sure got plans for me. My passenger side was wrapped around a 1/2 ton truck with fully loaded toolboxes on each side. My drivers side was wrapped around a electric pole. The metal on the passenger side door that seals the window when it's rolled up bent into a V. It caved into my headrest and split my head open on the right side. The seatbelt damaged my gallbladder, but wasn't till 2007 that the doctor finally agreed to remove it since it wasn't showing them what they were looking for in their precious test that just couldn't be wrong, right? Not! If you would have seen my car you would have been shocked anybody survived it, my family kept me away from the car until I got very upset, sorry um I'm very stubborn . I thanked God my son had already been dropped off at the babysitter, nobody could have survived the passenger side and he always sat in the back seat on that side. My head of course had to be sewed up, so they had to shave my head I can remember nothing till that and I begged them not to shave my head. Funny the silly things that makes us upset in bad situations where something so mundane shouldn't even matter at the time. I refused medical treatment because I didn't remember dropping my son off at the babysitters house. I thought he was with me and they were refusing to allow me to see him. I knew if something was wrong with him they wouldn't let me know till after I was treated. Yep very stubborn I was. They finally got ahold of the babysitter and had her bring him to the hospital, they covered me up so no blood could be seen to prevent him from seeing anything and worrying or freaking him out. They held him up to my left side and I gave him a kiss and I was satisfied after that. I have a brain injury called a TBI the worst thing about this is I have lost so many memories of my life. Older memories like childhood memories are pretty much all still there, after that it's pretty much hit or miss on what memories I have after that. I have problems with short term memories a whole lot. I don't remember family members I've known since I was like 11 years old. My brain was swollen for over 3 months and I had a small bleed on the brain that lucky stopped on it's own. I lived in cat scans and MRI's for over 6 months till they decided every 6 months I needed to be checked. Thank God I had amazing insurance from the factory I worked for, if not I'm not sure how we would have lived. I believe everything happens for a reason and I'm glad it gave me time to be a stay at home mom instead of working 65+ hours I had to work to make sure I took care of my son. After the 5 years was up on the I Insurance, I had to regroup and figure out just how I was going to keep all the bills paid and I needed a job, it had to be something repetitive for me to grasp what my duties were and any job where I had to lift heavy things was no longer a option, I worked at a hotel checking people in and it was the midnight shift so I had time to learn and most guest were checked in by 11 pm, thanks goodness. My son is in college and this is the first time I find myself without a child to raise or not having a kid in the house. I'm still on the fence about how I feel about this, I've been blessed with helping raise several kids in my lifetime. My son is the best thing I have ever accomplished in my life, he still needs my guidance and I will always be honored when he asks me for advice. I'm not one who can't let him test his wings and fly, I won't ever try to control his flight. He's turned into a very wise and amazing young man, I ask daily how did I get to be so lucky to be his momma. I'm a freelance writer and photographer, I was lucky enough to have one of my poems published a few years ago. I love to sing I'm not bad, but I just want to write songs and singing karaoke is what I call fun. If I ever get lucky enough to have one of my songs make it to the big time, I will be beyond happy no matter what musician sings it. That is something I plan on dedicating some of my free time to, as any writer I have so many already wrote, but I've never tried to do anything with them other than copyright protection. I have way to many started, but of course not finished as of yet. I'm looking forward to the challenge and excitement that comes from every song I completed. I plan on writing a book if I'm blessed enough to live that long. Why not start today? My stories not over yet and in some ways I feel it's just begun. Life is the funniest thing I've ever seen, it's also the most intriguing thing that makes me want to keep exploring till I'm ready to stop my travels and stay in one place. There is still way to much out there I want to explore, capture in a picture and surround myself with each adventure till the words start flowing faster than I can write them. Whether it's more songs or just chapters of my book to join the others for safe keeping till it's time to put it all together. I feel like an old soul, I've repeatedly been told during my life I'm wise beyond my year's. I was raised by my grandparents on and off from birth. My grandmother is who I call my momma, she earned the title as my mommy and trust me after having my son mommy is the best thing you can ever be called as a woman. In my sons years of growing up around 12 or 13 he gave me a card for fathers day and told me I deserved to get things on mother's day and father's since I raised him as a single mother. I was so touched and upset at the same time, he never knew I was upset and cried later that night. I cried for him, my brothers and bother-in-laws helped me with the things that you just need a man to teach a little boy. I cried because he was the best thing his father ever done in his life and he wanted no part of being in his son's life. Those years, memories, and the feeling of hearing yourself being called daddy he missed them all and I will never understand why, even though I pray daily for the answer. As I also pray he will someday reach out to him and realize just how much he's lost and missed, but he's got to take the first step and work hard to gain access to any part of his life, my son is not a easy person to lie to and he won't just say alright you're forgiven, but I do know he's capable of forgiveness if the time and effort is put in to prove it's truly a genuine effort from the heart. WOW I'm sorry I think I have started my book on here for all to read, you know writers never know when to stop typing ha.

Kimberly Spencer

United States

  • Columbus East High School
  • Columbus, Indiana

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