kevin savage
Male, 58 years old

High school sustainable urban agriculture, aquaponics, and environmental science instructor and student research mentor, with active research projects in aquaponics. Current projects include flow dynamics in deep water cultureraft grow beds, effects of feed composition on nutrient composition of effluent, effects of "green" media on plant growth and harvest biomass in media-filled grow beds, and the role of specific plant types on altering water chemistry in aquaponic systems of different configurations. Three systems of different configurations are operational students will complete construction of four additional systems (NFT, media bed, ZipGrow towers, and Barrel-ponics) by November . Students collaborate with faculty to operate the systems, including water quality monitoring and regular system maintenance. Curriculum development of cross- and multi-disciplinary teaching modules in biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, and sustainable agriculture based on aquaponics. Curriculum development is focused on compatibility with the Next Generation Science Standards. Prior to teaching, eighteen years in engineering consulting, including environmental, geotechnical, and construction field services. Project manager for environmental site investigation remediation projects under CERCLA and RCRA, with expertise in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling. Additional expertise in design of, and supervision over installation of groundwater monitoring and extraction wells. Adjunct faculty member, University of Cincinnati ("Introduction to Environmental Studies"), and Indiana Wesleyan University ("Environmental Conservation"). Specialties Providing a dynamic introduction to environmental science through laboratory, field, and classroom activities. Mentoring high school students through scientific research projects, including preparation of abstracts for presentation at professional meetings, and manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications.