kathleen smith

singer-songwriter, big dreamerOnce there was a girl who believed in magic, and love, and dreams. She loved to sing everywhere she was, and she loved to play the piano. She dreamed of one day singing for everyone, and she liked to draw hearts and stars on all of her homework. She sort of grew up, but not really.After traveling a somewhat dark and twisty road, upon which she met some odd and amazing characters, including a grizzled mean warlock, a host of erstwhile princes, and a good witch (think Glinda style), she landed in front of a piano and a notebook.She prefers to spend her time there nowadays, and can be found spreading sparkles of love and fun wherever she goes.Her music has been heard on KCRW, MTV, and CurrenTV, and Billboard online praised her live show, citing her "warm stage presence,"...emotionally charged" songs, and "beautiful keyboard arrangement[s]."Her first recording project, "dolls ep," can be purchased all over the internets, and she is currently at work making more recorded noise. She lives in New York, the most magical city of all.