karl frisch
Male, 39 years old

Karl Frisch is a partner in Bullfight Strategies, a Washington-based communications firm that leverages new and traditional media with strategic research, aggressive outreach, and state of the art technology on behalf of organizations, candidates, public figures, and select businesses. The firm specializes in organizational strategy and development, media engagement, crisis communications, new media strategy, and coalition building. A fixture on the progressive talk radio circuit, Karl co-hosts a weekly segment on the Stephanie Miller Show and frequently guest hosts for the likes of Thom Hartmann, Bill Press and Leslie Marshall, all nationally syndicated. He is widely quoted in print, regularly interviewed on network and cable outlets like MSNBC and Current, and writes a weekly syndicated opinion column on political issues of the day. Frisch has worked for years at the intersection of technology, media, and politics -- first as a Republican for the likes of Congressman Jim Nussle of Iowa and Senator John McCain of Arizona and later as a Democrat for the likes of Howard Dean, Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter of New York, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He has earned a national reputation for creative strategies and effective execution of both advocacy and electoral communications campaigns. Most recently, Karl worked for nearly five years as communications director and then as a senior fellow at Media Matters for America, the nations premier progressive media watchdog. Frisch was instrumental in building the backbone behind the organizations rapid response communications structure, establishing a state of the art operation that has since become a model of best practices for progressive organizations throughout the country. Specialties Communications, Strategy, General Campaign Consulting, Crisis Communications, Public Relations, Radio Hosting, Television Commentary, Organizational Development