joshua millburn

The meaning of my life is to grow as an individual and contribute to other people in a meaningful way. I write fiction. I lead people. I’m a minimalist. I live in Dayton, Ohio. I'm a passionate person. My first novel, AS A DECADE FADES, will be published soon. Visit for details. I also write non-fiction essays with Ryan Nicodemus about living a more meaningful life with less stuff on our website, The Minimalists. Visit for details. Professionally, I used to be the Dayton Region Area Manager for Cincinnati Bell’s Greater Dayton Retail Stores, a region that included up to 16 stores from Lebanon, Ohio to Springfield, Ohio. My responsibilities included the sales and operations of those stores and the employees within those locations. I recently left that corporate job to pursue my passions. Specialties Leading people, writing, retail management, retail sales, merchandising, opening retail stores, hiring employees, growing a business, contributing to others, coaching and developing employees, mentoring, leading a team of leaders.