josh sheehan

Josh Sheehan

Male, 33 years old

Growing up on the family farm in Donnybrook, 2 hours south of Perth, Australia, Josh Sheehan has lived an active life with a passion for dirt bikes, cars and extreme sports. Josh made a huge impact at Night of the Jumps World Championships with 6 straight wins and then entered Red Bull X-Fighters and after winning he home-nation round of Sydney 2011, Josh had stamped his authority as one of the best riders in the world. Currently the only rider who consistently performs Double Backflips, considered the most dangerous trick in Freestyle MX, and an array of visually effortless flip combos and technical combos, Josh Sheehan will continue to be part of the small group of riders who continues to innovate the sport of FMX for years to come. read more ...

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