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As a workbook camera staging artist, I'm assigned a sequence and responsible for the rough layout of each scene. In Maya, my job is to scout the environment created by previssets, plan the action, pose the characters, block the cameras, and time each shot with continuity. Using Final Cut, a new edit is created with the workbook playblast to match and improve upon the existing edit from the storyboard department. After the director's notes are addressed, editorial releases a new edit to kickoff animation. Films "Epic" camera staging artist () in production "Ice Age Continental Drift" camera staging artist () credit "The Amazing Spider Man" previsualization artist () "Green Lantern" layout artist () "Cowboys Aliens" previsualization artist () credit "XMen First Class" previsualization artist () "Alice in Wonderland" previsualization artist () credit "Cats Dogs " previsualization artist () "Percy Jackson the Olympians" previsualization artist () "Speed Racer" animator () credit "Starship Troopers Maruader" animator () credit Specialties Camera Staging Artist Rough Layout Artist Previsualization Animator Software Maya, Final Cut, After Effects, Photoshop