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Jonathan D. Nicholas, AECS Real Estate Brokerage Virtual CEO Consultant to the Real Estate Industry Real Estate Strategist Real Estate Management Consultant Real Estate C-Level Executive The Company CEO, Inc. My Life's Work Consultant to the Real Estate Industry's C-Suite, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Real Estate Management Consultant, Real Estate Brokerage Expert, Real Estate Industry Insider Strategist, Risk-Taker, Futurist, Change-Master, Builder of Alliances, Relentless Believer in the American Dream, Friend, Husband Father of my two Sons. Industries Served Real Estate, Risk Management, Insurance, Franchising, Professional TrainingCoaching, Non-Profit, PRCommunications, and courageous Solo-Preneurs. I'm looking to foster new relationships WORLDWIDE within Master-Franchising Real Estate Organizations, Real Estate Brokerage Leadership CEO's, Real Estate Risk Management Home Warranty Organizations, Real Estate Learning, Development Instructional Design Professionals, Real Estate Technology Providers, and other sales based industries that are aligned within the Real Estate vertical. Always feel free to reach out and connect with me on any social network. Follow me on Twitter @jondnicholas for up to date real estate information, real estate industry trends and real estate performance strategies. Visit my blog at Keywords Real Estate Training Real Estate Broker Real Estate Agent Real Estate Brokerage Real Estate Consulting Real Estate Consultant Real Estate Management Consulting Real Estate Agent Recruiting Real Estate Agent Retention Real Estate Brokerage Profitability Real Estate Brokerage Compensation Planning Real Estate Brokerage Business Strategy Planning Real Estate Brokerage Risk Management Real Estate Brokerage Sales Leadership Real Estate Brokerage Performance Strategy Real Estate Speaker Real Estate Mergers Acquisitions Specialties Performance, Productivity and Profitability - the P's of any real estate organization. If you throw in a th P it would be PLANNING. Virtual CEO C-Level Real Estate Brokerage Consulting Real Estate Brokerage Performance Strategies Strategic Alliances Channel Penetration Strategic Planning Facilitation Compensation Planning Design MergersAcquisitionFold-in Brokerage Management Expertise RecruitingRetention Profitability Ancillary Income Guerilla PRMarketing